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Free SMS From iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to More Than 50 Countries With Textoo Pro


Good news to those who owns an iPhone, ipad, iPod Touch and use Messaging service on frequent basis. An application called Textoo Pro provides great texting capabilities has been made available on App store. This powerful applications allows you send free of cost Text Messages to most of the mobiles around the world. It lets you to send a message and it will be delivered to the destination address within few seconds.

Basically Textoo will connect you to the web based gateway servers using internet service.  Textoo Pro supports world wide free SMS gateways like freesmscraze.com and free SMSgateways of India, Gulf, Singapore like Way2sms.com, 160by2.com, indyarocks.com, whozzat.com and fullonsms.com.  Moreover, Textoo Pro also gives you the facility to directly register to these gateways and utilize the credentials to send free SMS’s worldwide. In order to register yourself, you can go to the gateway website from Textoo Pro application. Sign in and start getting the taste of free International as well as national SMS absolutely free.

The salient features of Textoo Pro are as follows:-

1-   Textoo Pro comes with support of retina display.

2-   In case your internet connectivity is not available, Textoo Pro supports queuing capabilities which will ultimately save your time from re-typing the same text again.

3-   Textoo Pro also enables to send group messaging with an option of multi select contacts including contact group creation.

4-   You can see your sent and received messages in a threaded view as well.

5-   Application will automatically sliced your messages if they exceed the gateway character limit.

6-   One of the best feature of this application is, it will keep on sending your messagest even when you minimize the app which means the process continue to run in background without troubling you.

7-    Textoo Pro also support Flash SMS and long SMS up to 470 characters to India.

Its user friendly interface gives you many options which includes compose message, Outbox to check sent messages and short messages templates along with Settings, Help and Contact tabs. List of countries which are supported on Textoo Pro are India, US, UK, UAE, Germany, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Greece, Hong Kong, Egypt, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the list goes on.

You can get Textoo Pro from  App Store  at price $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad running iOS 3.1 or later.

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