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Firefox for Android Tablets[Coming Soon]


You might have already experienced Firefox on your Android device which is currently only officially supports phones. Now soon it will be coming officially on Android tablets with a name called “fennecomb” as announcement has been made on  Mozilla blog.

Tablets users will take an advantage of the larger and widescreen display of Android 3.0 slates. The new browser has been designed in a way that it will automatically reconfigure its display depending on orientation. Landscape mode provides tabbed browsing via a menu whereas portrait mode generates thumbnail which can be seen at the side of the screen. You can also look forward to a revamped “awesomebar.”

As you can see in the picture above in portrait mode that no more misuse of precious space due to multi tabs on the top of the browser. Instead of that tabs have been put together into one group and accessed via a drop down menu.

It is still in development stage and no official release date or beta has been announced at the moment which seams to be more teasing after getting details about such exciting features.

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