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Firefox 8 Final Released Adds Twitter Search bar, Tabs on Demand, add-on and Performance Improvements Download Now for Mac, PC and Linux

Firefox 8 based on minimalistic Google Chrome design has finally made it for public release with performance improvements. Firefox 8 can be downloaded from Mozilla FTP Servers for Mac, PC and Linux. One of the major change brought in this version of Firefox is the behaviors of add-ons have been changed which are disabled by default and only once you have to select that you want to upgrade them to new version and rest is Firefox’s job to keep it updated. In addition support for Twitter search bar is another salient feature as well as the preference to load the tabs on demand when the browser is relaunched. Also there are major performance improvements apart for bug fixes.

Firefox 8 will be release for auto update on Tuesday, November 8th however if you want to taste it before others then click the link below to download the browser from Mozilla FTP servers. Otherwise if you are an existing Firefox user you can wait till tomorrow as you will be getting auto update notification to upgrade.

Firefox 8 Download

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