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Find my Mac launched after success of Find my iPhone for iCloud.com

Recently we have talked about iCloud web access and iCloud services which have gained a nice support by Apple community. And now we have another major upgradation in iCloud services that you can fird your lost Macbook Air or Mac desktop using Find my Mac service.

Find my Mac service is integrated in iCloud and works on same architecture already used for Find my iPhone at me.com. So now you can log into iCloud and see current location of your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macs. Location for iPhone, iPad and iPod are transmitted using builtin GPS whereas Macs are located using current and neighboring Wifi locations.

The best part is that iDevices and Mac data can be remotely wiped as well as both can be locked remotely and to regain access you have to enter PIN code. Even you can send Message on your iDevices and Mac which will be delivered in real time.

Its being reported that iCloud will be launched in coming September but we are keeping our fingers crossed. In the mean time you can see are posts covering iCloud in detail here and here.

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