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Financial Times Web App More Popular Than Its Native iOS Version after iTunes Exit over Subscription Revenue Dispute for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Recent changes in Apple subscription rules according to which 30% for the revenue generated from the Application has to be given to Apple had many effectees including the Financial Times who had to pull their iOS application from AppStore. Also it had been reported that Financial Times is looking forward on its own HTML 5 web app through which the company intends to sell its subscriptions without having to pay even a single penny to Apple.

The changeover to HTML 5 has finally paid off as reportly over 700,000 persons use their web app which is way more than the iOS version of the Financial Times application traffic. As per Financial Times Managing Director Rob Grimshaw the HTML 5 variant of Financial Times Application not only generates more traffic rather the page views are way more than iOS application.

People who are using the app are spending much more time with the content. They are consuming about three times as many pages through the app as they are through the desktop in an average visit.

The application requires 50 MB of HTML 5 data which is used to store pages for offline viewing and additionally AppStore was limited to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch whereas the HTML 5 audience in unlimited.

Finiacial Times success after migration from AppStore to HTML 5 will motivate other publishers to think on the same line and may be Apple has to rethink about its Subscription Revenue sharing formula.

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