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Features and Price range for Microsoft latest Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio

microsoftConfirming expectations after the release of the Windows 10 software, Microsoft has released the latest Surface Studio all-in – one PC, in addition to the transformed Surface Book, thereby enhancing Microsoft business.

The rumors pertaining to the Surface Studio have been confirmed following the release , showcasing the desktop PC having a 28 inch display , in addition to a 20 degree drafting angle. The previous model that was released last year boasted a fresh product in the tablet and laptop hybrid options , however this year Microsoft has mainly focused on upgrading the power , by focusing on the software.

Here are the features boasted by the Surface Book i7 (which is a tablet and laptop hybrid PC)and the Surface Studio(which is a all in one PC).

Features showcased in the Surface Book i7surface-book-i7

  • It is a refreshed version of it’s former version .
  • The processor featured is the Intel Core i7 , that enables for double the graphic performance of last year’s version.
  • A bigger battery allowing the model to run for about 16hours , that is 30% more than the original model.
  • On the interior there is a refurbished thermal system .
  • There is also a Surface Pen that comes with the model.

Price range of the Surface Book i7

Pre-Orders for the Surface Book i7 are now open as of today, with 10 November 2016 being the release date.

  • $2.399 for the 256GB Intel Core i7 ,8GB ⁄dGPU
  • $2.799 for the 512 GB Intel Core i7, 16GB⁄dGPU
  • $3.299 for the 1TB Intel Core i7, 16 GB⁄dGPU

Features showcased in the Surface Studiosurface-studio

  • Claimed to be the slimmest design ever to be produced with a thickness of 12.5mm
  • Touch-sensitive display
  • a 28-inch 4500 × 3000 (4.5k)LCD  PixelSense adjustable display that features over a billion colours in it’s range, 192ppi and a display ratio of 3:2. Microsoft is looking to “render the deepest reds possible “in this model thereby showcasing True Colors.
  •  Enhanced interaction in cognition with display is allowed due to the 28 inch display lean back feature (allowing it to lie completely flat on the desk) ,and this in collaboration with the Surface Pen and Surface Dial allows for excellent interaction with the screen ,as never before.
  • The best Surface Studio model features 32GB RAM in addition to the Intel Core i7 processor, and also 2TB Hybrid SSD .This particular model will also feature a backup of 4GB GeForce 980M GPU.
  • Contextual Functions and controls are featured on the display in addition to haptic display ,which can be acquired by separately buying the Surface Dial Accessory, which is available for $99.99.
  • 4USB 3.0 Ports ,namely the Mini DP, a 3.5 mm audio jack, Ethernet port, are available for connectivity.
  • There is also an in Built SD card slot as well.
  • Cortana can be activated and talked to from a distance ,due to the “mic array” feature that is also present.
  • The small box that can be seen in the picture above is practically the CPU of the device.
  • The Surface Studio delivered package will also include the Surface Keyboard , Surface Mouse and the Surface Pen.


Price range of the Surface Studio

The Surface Studio is available for pre-ordering as  of today with the 15th December 2016 being the release date.

There are three different models as given below

  • the 1TB Intel Core i5 ,with 2GB GeForce 965M GPU and 8GB RAM for $2.999
  • The 1TB Intel Core i7,with 2GB GeForce 965 M GPU and 16GB RAM for $3.499
  • The 2TB Intel Core I7, with 4GB GeForce 980M GPU and 32GB RAM for $4.199
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