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Facebook Reactions Redesigned Like Button Launched Globally! How to Enable if not working

We have all experienced the annoyance when friends and family have posts in their news feed that we would like to respond to but the only option we have is to press the like button,even though we feel it’s not  appropriate to like the post and we would like to express another emotion which is not available.

Facebook Reactions
Facebook has now introduced a new feature which enables its users to enhance their overall experience.This new feature has been in the development process as late back as last October ,and now Facebook is in the process of making the new Reactions feature available to its worldwide users.

This Reactions feature will enable the user to respond to posts,status updates,various uploaded photographs ,by expressing their own emotion and not just “liking” the post,this feature will be enabled by an addition of a long-press gesture which will allow the user to react to a particular post with various emotions including “Haha”, “wow”,”love”,”sad” and “angry” besides the like to which users have been accustomed to.This feature will be available for both mobile and desktop users and will be present on each and every update.

Android and iOS users:

1. Initially,open the Facebook app on your tablet or smartphone.
2. Go to a post that you want to respond to.
3. Long press the like button ,and by doing so a pop up menu will appear that contains the various Reactions emoji.
4. Do not lift your finger,just drag your finger from left to right ,and by doing so the different emojis will be highlighted.
5. To choose the emoji of your choice you just have to highlight the specific emoji and lift your finger,hence the Reaction will be posted on Facebook.

Desktop users:

1. Open any web browser that you maybe using.
2. Go to Facebook
3. Go to the post that you desire to respond to
4. Place your mouse pointer over the like button ,whereby a pop up menu will appear which contains the various Reactions emoji.
5. Choose the reaction that you wish to post by clicking on it,and thereby the Reaction will be posted.

Source: Facebook

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