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Facebook iPad App Launch delayed due to HP TouchPad WebOS Facebook App

HP since day one was interested in bringing the Facebook application for its TouchPad tablet which had effected the Apple Facebook relationship and commitments to the launch of Facebook App for iPad as the relations between HP and Facebook has been discussed by many tech blogs including Mashable. Although now the relationship between Apple and Facebook had come closer and the launch of Facebook App for iPad and HTML 5 based Facebook for iPad is imminent in coming week. There are multiple factors invloved in brigning this lack of interest some of which are HP dumping WebOS and TouchPad, Demand for Facebook App for iPad using Tweaks and third party iPad Facebook Apps. And also recently the developer working on Facebook iPad Project had left due to delays in launch.

It had been over a year since launch of iOS 4 when Apple was interested in integrating Facebook which had not happen due to differences in usage of API and now in coming iOS 5 will be having Twitter integration only. Nearly a year later Steve Jobs personally visited Facebook headquarter which led to the information that Facebook was planning Facebook tablet launch with HP on TouchPad.

Roughly three months ago, Steve Jobs — then the Apple CEO — paid a visit to Facebook to discuss a Facebook for iPad application with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

Zuckerberg promised Jobs that the social network would release its first ever tablet application for iPad. Jobs, however, learned during his visit that HP was about to release a native webOS Facebook application for the TouchPad. 

When Jobs learned of the webOS Facebook app during his summer visit to Facebook, he was livid. Zuckerberg vowed to get the app pulled. But Jon Rubinstein, the former CEO of Palm and then the GM of HP’s webOS division, refused to halt the release of the app.

Now as HP TouchPad and WebOS had already left the market therefore ties between Facebook and Apple are getting better and we expect Facebook for iPad coming really soon or something might be announced on Tuesday’s Apple Media Event.

Source Mashable

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