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Face Detection Lockscreen for iPhone Using RecognizeMe

It’s time to add another step to the “slide to unlock” screen by adding facial recognition. A company named “Apocolipse” has launched an application named “RecognizeMe” which works parallel to iPhone passcode screen. Therefore it serves as an alternate to, rather than a replacement for the passcode. It will scan you face at unlocking time and varify it with saved samples in order to decide if you are the real owner of iPhone.

The application is available at “App Store” with name “Recognize Me” at $0.99. However, if you want to test the same application for free then download it from “Cydia”.

Downloading and Installation Procedure

1-     Open Cydia

2-     Go to search option and enter “RecognizeMe”


3-     Select the “Install” button and confirm to proceed.


4-     Launch the application by clicking on highlighted “ICON”

5-     Click on “Face Trainer”

5-     Click on “Train” button to start the scanning and will take some time to complete.



6-     Click on “Training Sets” to view the facial recognition samples taken in previous step.


7-     Click on “Settings” to choose the “Verification Threshold”


7-     Go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock and click “Turn Passcode On”


8-     Set your Passcode and Re-enter to confirm.


9-     Go to your “Lock Screen” and click on highlighted area to proceed further for face recognition.


10-     Once your face is recognized you will enter to the home screen.

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