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F.lux Helps Prevent Eyestrain at Night When Using Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Have you ever noticed that the brightness of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in low light conditions does not remain very cool rather it puts strain on eyes. As most of the Android devices come with light sensors can reduce the brightness automatically same kind of techniques are used by Apple as well but they are not as efficient. Therefore the Jailbreak community has come up with a wonderful application F.lux which can change the color tone of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch so that you can use your device much comfortably. It can not only comfort your eyes at the night rather it can adjust the color tones so that you can have the best viewing in the daylight as well. Now you might be thinking that why then only brightness controls by default aren’t they good enough? So the answer is they do effect a little bit but the effect that color tones have is number of times higher than only reducing/increasing the brightness.

Some of the major features of F.lux are,

  • At night – choose which type of bulb or lightning situation you are in so that f.lux adapts when it is night time (based upon the clock)
  • Transition speed – change the transition speed from day to night (on older devices, it is instant to avoid flickering)
  • Color-sensitive work – turn f.lux on or off


Sneak preview F.lux in action,


You can install F.lux for free from ModMyi Repo Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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