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EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner for iPad 2 Announced

Some of the folks out there might have thought of watching TV onto their iPad 2 same as they could do on their tablet PCs therefore EyeTV Mobile has announced a TV Tuner for iPad 2 which will be connected to the device using the 30-pin connector and display DVB-T freeview channels in the European countries. EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner has a bult in  telescopic aerial which allows the device to receive the broadcast. Best of all is that this Digital TV broadcast wont cost you anything from your network data plan saving you few bucks every month as most of the TV Applications available these days streams TV broadcast over internet.

Elgato says about its EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner,

EyeTV Mobile is made specifically for your iPad 2. Simply connect it to the dock connector and open the EyeTV Mobile app (available on the App Store). The television signal comes straight from the miniature telescopic aerial so you don’t need an internet connection. You get unlimited live TV on your iPad 2 without touching your data plan.

Some of the major features of EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner are,

  • An easy-to-use iPad 2 TV tuner for live, mobile television anywhere
  • Provides a full range of TV viewing features including pause, rewind, and record
  • Receives and even records DVB-T radio transmissions directly to your iPad 2
  • Connects directly to the iPad 2 dock connector
  • Receives a DTT (Freeview) television and radio signal from the miniature telescopic aerial
  • No internet connection required, so it doesn’t touch your data plan
You can check the list of counties supporting Digital Video Broadcast at DVB.org.

EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner is avaiable for the price of £99.95 ($166) from Elgato.

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