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EasyFindOnPage Makes Your Search Convenient

If you are a frequent user of  Find in this page , or search page function and you prefer to use it more often because it quickly searches a word or phrase within a web page without having to scroll the entire page. Apple implemented this function in with release of iOS 4 about year ago.

In order to make it more convenient, Cydia has come up once again with a tweak called  EasyFindOnPage. Once you install it, a new icon will be created in the bottom of safari. If you press that button, while your safari webpage is open, it will pop up a new window to enter your search word. Once you enter your search word and press the OK button it will quickly search for that word within a Web page and will return all the search results highlighting the search word. To stop the search, simply press “Done”. The tweak is really comfortable and functional, must-try if you use this function often.

EasyFindOnPage is compatible with both iPhone / iPod Touch that with the iPad. It is available in the  repository  BigBoss and can be purchased at a price of0.99 dollars.

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