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Dual Boot Multiple ROMs On Android Phone With BootManager [Root Only]

The greatest advantage that Android gives over other Mobile OS is the way it allow users to customized their Phones. However, Expert also agrees that functionality of testing different ROMs on Android is unmatched unmatched as compared other Mobile OS available in the market.

Experts who are always busy in testing different ROMs use an application called “BootManager”. It allow users to install multiple ROMs on their Android smartphones at same time and later on boot them as per your choice. You really don’t have to flash and reflash whenever you try a new ROM.

BootManager is a very powerful application and we suggest every Android lover to install on their Android phone. It lets you install up to five ROMs on your phone out of which four can be installed on your SD card and one which is currently in use.

According to the Android Market:

” Boot Manager is the first Android Multi-Booter Application! The application installs up to four ROMs to your sdcard and  you can keep one on your phone as well to allow you to boot up to five ROMs and switch between them with just a reboot. This is the must have application for any flashaholic and will finally allow you to keep up with those nightly builds we have all come to love or just boot your favorite ROMs from your favorite developers. The application is great for developers as well since you now have 5 slots for testing ROMs ”

Whats Needed

  1. Before you start flashing ROMs, you must require to ROOT your Android phone.
Download and Install
  1. Download and Install the Boot Manager from here and start it up.
  2. You must backup your current ROM when you first start up your Boot Manager, so you don’t end up helpless if anything goes wrong.
  3. Download any ROM which you want to flash and save it on your SD Card.
  4. Click on “Install ROMs” and select the ROM zip file saved on your SD Card.
  5. Check all three boxes(“Wipe System”, “Wipe Data”, “Wife Cache”) and wait it completes.
  6. Once its done, it will ask you to boot into new ROM. Just click “Done”.
  7. Download the Google Apps zip file in your SD Card for the ROM you just installed and go back to BootManager.
  8. Click Install “ROMs” and choose Google Apps’ zip file.
  9.  UnTick all three “wipe” boxes this time.
  10. When it’s done, booting into that slot will take you to the original ROM, but with the Google apps installed.
Note:  if you’re flashing a new ROM, check all three “wipe” boxes, but if you’re just installing an add-on to a ROM, don’t check any of them.
 11.   In order to Boot in to new ROM, just go BootManager and choose “Boot Installed ROM”.
 12.   It will show you the list of all ROMs installed on your device. Just choose one of them and it will reboot into that                     ROM.
 13.   That’s it! You can flash up to five ROMs at a time.
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