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Dropbox for HTC Android Phones With 5GB Cloud Storage Coming Soon

Apple has recently launched its iCloud service which is fully integrated with Apple’s latest iOS 5 operating system and allows you to to save your personal documents, favorite music, files and pictures onto an online storage which can later be accessed from iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch, Apple TV, Mac or Desktop PCdevices through both iTunes or iCloud Website. Similary Microsoft is also offering similar kind of service with name “Skydrive“.

We also reported you earlier that HTC has also signed a deal with Drop box to offer 5GB online storage to all android phones. However, report also says that this new service will be available only for those users who owns latest Android phones running HTC Sense 3.5. Now things have moved even further and official announcement has come from HTC about recently partnered with Dropbox. It further says that Dropbox will come as pre-installed in all upcoming Android smartphones offering 5GB storage.

From HTC:

We’re happy to share the good news with you here, first. We recently partnered with Dropbox! So, now Dropbox will come pre-installed on all Android phones, giving you 5GB of storage!

However HTC has not cleared that which devices will get will get additional 3 GB storage space along with 2 GB storage for old devices. Hopefully it will be cleared in coming days when things will get matured. Microsoft has Skydrive and Apple now has its iCloud so Android users on HTC-branded phones will have one more reason to be happy about their future purchases.

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