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Dreamboard for iPhone & iPod – An ultimate graphical experience

Customization in iOS is still a missing factor as far as native apple interfaces are concerned other than playing with different wallpapers. Dreamboard is an advanced themeing platform which runs over the top of spring board but adds the capability of running scripts. You can add widgets on your themes as avaialbe in Android and Windows 7 that keep on running. Dreamboard takes customization to a new level which is not limited to colorful icons, icon layouts, attractive lockscreens and application interfaces.

Dreamboard provides an altogether new layouts including capability to add widgets, scripts to enable live Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds etc to your multiple home pages just like Android. And the best part is that you don’t need to respring you phone in order to apply new themes rather its done in few seconds.

After you complete the procedure you iphone will look like snaps below,


Note: This tutorial is for trial purposes therefore please purchase Dreamboard and the themes if you like them.

Whats needed

  1. iOS 4.1 or above on iPhone & iPod
  2. iPhone/iPod should be jailbroken [to Jailbreak click here]
  3. Cydia is installed [normally comes pre-installed while jailbreaking]
  1. Open Cydia
  2. Goto Manage > Sources
  3. Press Edit in top right corner and press Add in top left corner
  4. Add source “cydia.xsellize.com”
  5. Goto search and type Dreamboard
  6. Select Dreamboard from Xsellize (black in color) and confirm to install
  7. Now search for “Rain” Dreamboard theme in cydia and install
  8. Now search for “iFile” in Cydia and install. This will be used to edit weather files
  9. Now open ifile and goto var>Mobile>library>dreamboard>Rain>widgets>weatherwidget6 and open Weather.html it in “text viewer”
  10. Goto http://www.edg3.co.uk/snippets/weather-location-codes/ from your pc and search for weather code of your city by searching your city name in search bar and reading the code from bar as shown in snap below,
  11. Edit the locale variable of Widget.html file to the code of your city e.g. for Rawalpindi its PKXX0015 and save
  12. Goto Safari and sign in facebook and twitter to see live updates and tweets.
  13. Now you are all set to launch Dreamboard from the icon on your home screen
  14. Select Rain and here you go you Dreamboard theme is applied. Endroid comes free with Dreamboard. Now you theme will look like this,
  15. And stay tuned for our post for best Dreamboard themes 🙂
Note: This tutorial is for trial purposes therefore please purchase Dreamboard and the themes if you like them.
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