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[Download] Transform Your Windows 7 Into Android Using Android Skin Pack 1.0,Theme Launcher

Recently we have reported launchers which completely change the interface of your device and look even cooler then its original interface such as Android into Ice Cream Sandwich, iPhone into Mac OS X. Now another Theme Launcher called Skin Pack 1.0 has been made developed by Hamed Danger which convert your Windows 7 operating system interface into Android operating system.

If you take a look at the above mentioned picture, it has completely revamped your Windows 7 look and transformed it into Android operating system using Android Skin Pack. The start menu has been shifted from bottom to the top as a as a notification bar and cool launcher dock has been placed at the bottom of your desktop screen . In addition to what you have already seen above, The Skin Pack includes many other wallpapers and icons, styles which have already used in your Android phone.

The theme let you modify your Windows 7 interface so much  that even it convert original boot screen and login screen of windows 7 pc into completely new screen having android boot and login interfaces. Therefore, user who don’t have an android device and want to get a taste of it on your desktop machine then straight away download the theme from below mentioned link.

Download Android Skin Pack from here.

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