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Download iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Whats New, Change Log, Full Review

Today, Apple has launched the final iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device for all types of users as promised during recently held launch of iPhone 4S. You can simply upgraded your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iOS 5 by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update. If you are a regular visitor then you must have seen that Apple released various Beta versions for developers before they are going ahead with the final launch of iOS 5.

Launch of iOS5 bring over 200 new features which will be available to iPhone,  iPad  and  iPod touch devices. Some most awaited features in iOS 5 includes Notification Center, iMessage, Siri Assistant, AirPort, photos and videos between all iOS devices and Newsstand which is going to introduce a new way to purchase and organize newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

iOS 5 Whats New, Full Review

1-   Notification Center

Notification Center is a new feature which can be accessed by pulling down your status bar which is placed on the top of your iPhone as a status bar. Moreover, if you are familiar with Android Operating system then you would be knowing that similar kind of feature is already being offered and considered one of the reason of Android success. Having this feature on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, users will be able to get quick aceess SMS, Miss Call, Facebook etc notifications along with a small preview of what the notification is about.

2-   Revamped Lock Screen

Apple has completely revamped the interface of Lockscreen in upcoming iOS 5 and brings a fresh looking notification in the form of feed rather than blue popups which makes you feel really annoyed. The best part of it is they are quite easily accessible by just sliding the small app icon to the right and the iPhone. This will first unlock your device and then open the respective notification App. However, you can also access the same notifications through pulling down notification center which we have just discussed above.


3-   iMessage

We have already reviewed Apple iMessage feature in detail coming with iOS 5 which enables you to communicate free of cost with your  friends and family having same Apple device. If you are Blackberry then you must be know that its Messenger service provides the same feature to communicate between Blackberry devices. The best part of this features is, all it requires is an internet connection at both ends and save your monthly spending on SMS.

4-   Reminders

Reminders have always been considered as an important part of mobile in recent days. However, before iOS 5 users have to first jailbreak and then install various tweak to get the functionality on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Now you don’t have to worry and install any tweak because Apple is introducing Reminders app fully integrated with iOS 5. Reminders App will let you add description or data which wil be showed in form of push notification as soon as it goes on. Moreover, Reminders can also be set according to based on time as well as location which makes it even more intelligent.


5-   Integrated Twitter

iOS users have been still waiting for facebook integration which was previously expected to arrive with iOS 5 but unfortunately we have not heard anything yet. However, good news has come for twitter fans as iOS 5 is coming with fully integrated twitter app which allows you to get update all your tweets right on your iDevice. Integrated twitter App in
iOS 5 allows you to  check your tweets,  read other people tweets, tweet your photos and videos, tweet from Maps, tweet from youtube or tweet from safari.

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