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Download and Install Dual Boot Android & WebOS on HP TouchPad [XDA Developers Release]

In the last HP Touchpad Android port by CyanogenMod progress review we had updated you regarding the progress on Bluetooth, Multitouch power management and Camera integration followed by a Demo of Dual Boot feature of HP TouchPad on Android as well as WebOS. Just now XDA Developers team had released the dual boot feature which will allow you to boot you Hp TouchPad on either Android or WebOS thereby even partially functional Android can live with native WebOS. So now you can install the Alpha Android release on HP Touchpad to run along the original WebOS.

Although the option is available but still it is not recommended for novice as it require you to follow the installation procedure using community-authored tool Preware. Android HP Touch Port work carried so far that is HP TouchPad users can install Android now with few impediments e.g. no Wifi capabilities, non programmed hardware buttons etc. However still Android includes basic functionality and allows you to perform almost all software related stuff. To install you can simple download the 80MB card installation application and rest is easy but the performance is still not optimized. You can simply download the IPK for Card from here and install using Preware procedure here which will take appox 10 minutes to install without harming your WebOS.

You need to “press and hold” the power button for 5 secs and then select the third option to revert back to WebOS however if the screen does not respond you can simply press the “Home and Power” button for 15 secs to restart.

See the dual boot Android & WebOS on Touchpad in action,

Source XDA Developers

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