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Download Accuweather App for Windows Phone Mango

Accuweather which one of the most popular source of getting live weather reports, has launched  its Mango app for Windows Phone users. In this Mango supported version of Accuweather App, users will be able to get latest weather information according to their current location. It also allows you to add multiple locations at one place displaying live and accurate weather information.

All you have to do is just jump over to your locations, choose your forecast city and pin the location to your Windows Phone Start Screen. Once you click on one of these tiles, it will launch the Accuweather.com app and sets the weather information to that location.

You can download Accuweather App free of cost from Marketplace.

Previously GuardiangMaps Pro,  WhatsApp,WeatherLive,  Mehdoh Twitter ClientGchateBay Apps have already been released with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango support.

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