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Downgrade 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 without SHSH Blobs to get Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, 3G, iPad


In the past we have provided complete procedure to downgrade firmware of iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G, iPad 2 (wifi) and iPad 1 using saved SHSH files from TinyUmbrella. We also mentioned in one of our post that Apple is still signing  4.3.1 for iPhone 3GS therefore downgrade is possible. However it may be possible that you have forgot to get SHSH blobs on the previous versions of your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch and cannot downgrade but recently Mokhles Hussien at Limera1n has come up with a procedure to downgrade to iOS 4.3.3 (provides untethered Jailbreak) from iOS 4.3.5. What’s Needed


  1. Download Restore Files from the link mentioned above
  2. Browse following directory C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc , and replace the “HOST” file with the downloaded file under the “Restore Files” folder
  3. Run Redsn0w and jailbreak the device using the tutorial here but you have to point to iOS 4.3.3 rather than iOS 4.3.4 or iOS 4.3.5.
  4. After the procedure is complete the iPhone will stuck on recovery mode.
  5. Open Tinyumbrella (present in “Restore Files” folder), right click on your iDevice name on the left pane then press on Start Tss Server.
  6. Open iTunes and restore your iDevice with iOS 4.3.3 firmware using (Shift + Restore).
  7. You will get error 1013, now use Fixrecovery (present in “Restore Files” folder).
  8. Open iFaith (present in “Restore Files” folder) and Save shsh blobs.
  9. Open sn0wbreeze (present in “Restore Files” folder) to create custom iOS 4.3.3 firmware and restore it using iTunes (Shift + Restore).
  10. And you are done downgrading your firmware.

If you are getting iTunes Errors see procedure for removal Error 3194, 3164, Error 3014, 3004, 3002 and Error 1604,1603, 1602, 1601, 1600 0r 29.
Note: This procedure has ony been tested for iPhone 3GS by Rayant410 and few other but its worth giving a try if you are stuck with tethered Jailbreak. Please leave your feedback in comments after using this procedure.
Update 27th August 2011: Our user Rayant410 and few others at Koolmobile have successfully downgraded their iPhone 3GS from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3. You can read the thread in comments below.

Update 2nd September 2011: It has been confirmed working on iPhone 4 by Redhairpro and iPad Original. Please read the comments below for details.

Update 7th September 2011: Koolmobile user Jad has successfully downgraded iPhone 4  please read the comments below for details and suggested a work around (thanks Jad) which is as fols,

Done…!! 🙂 
For whom they couldn’t continue the point 8, do the following:
1- Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, cut hosts file and paste it on your desktop, delete all previous “hosts” and paste # gs.apple.com instead to be as the following;# For example:
# rhino.acme.com # source server
# x.acme.com # x client host
# gs.apple.comPoints 3,4,5,6 & 7 are the same as mentioned in the topic above. 8- Start iFaith while your iDevice in the recovery mode NOT in the DFU mode. 
** Try many times if it stuck on Apple Logo step… USE iREB to enter DFU mode. I downgraded my iPhone4 from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3…. SO LUCKY.. 🙂
Update 23rd September 2011: One of out reader Jimdaza has successfully downgraded iPad 1 using the procedure above. However for Step 8 use iFaith 1.2.1 (link) rather than the one included in downloaded Rar.
If you need further help in using  Jailbreak software you might like to see Redsn0w Jailbreak  & JailbreakMe or to Jailbreak while preserving your baseband (software unlock) see TinyUmbrella,  SnowBreeze &  PwnageTool.
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  • Ipad4.3.5

    haven’t successfully done this method.. still giving it a try.. IPAD1 user here… I’ll post when i got this stuff working… =)

    • Anonymous

      best of luck

      • hvdcgkl

        I Confirm you it doesn’t work on an iPhone 4 16go in 4.3.5 without shsh 4.3.3
        i get errors 20 and 1600 like a lot of people 😉

        hvdcgkl from frenchiphone

        • B52psi

          I would like to share, that I had solve error 20 by doing the following:
          -that error should appear when the screen of iphone was “connect to Itune”, press home button and switch button for around 7 second then release switch and keep home, untill it connects back to itune, now restore by pressing shift + restore in itune, but you will face error 1600 and error 1601, solution was through IREB in DFU mode,

          Then I got loop stuck in Ifaith at Apple logo by detecting IOS and sequence issue on iphone screen , beside my itune is the latest version, but never passed this, and my Iphone 4 stuck in DFU mode and nothing helped to kick it out from DFU mode, tried tinyumbrella.

          Any help would be appreciated!

          Many thanks.

          • Bestcch

            B52psi… i think u already downgrade to 4.3.3 but is tethered… u need to use redsnow and boot it… i have same problem and is tethered.. boot with redsnow but.. eventually it will goes into DFU mode time to time… still had no idea to solve this problem

          • B52psi

            Thanks Bestcch, but whats the need of 4.3.3 downgrading if it will be tethered! Beside in Ifaith when it is in loop stuck it shows on the iphone screen 4.3.3, so I knew that the phone is on 4.3.3 FW but not completed! I think the above tutorial needs more attention!
            Thanks again

          • Redhairpro

            Test on iPhone4. IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!! THANK U!!

          • B52psi

            Dear Redhairpro,

            you only followed the above procedure to downgrade or you did extra steps?


          • Anonymous

            tested on iphone 4 ios 4.3.5 tethered.after restoring,iphone will be in dfu mode.”just boot tethered right now” using redsnow and done downgraded to ios 4.3.3 with flying colors buttttt…. also tethered…! not untethered…! hahahaha..anyway,huge thanx for this good idea..

          • Chris666uk1

            Here method for you:
            1. Download TinyUmbrella Fix Recovery.
            2. Download zlib1.dll.
            3. Fixing iphone 3gs open fixrecovery43. Put ur iphone in DFU Mode and let the command window do everything.
            4. If u did everything correctly ur iphone 3g/gs should be in recovery mode “Its normal”.
            5. use iREB RC4.
            6. Restore to 4.1 then get error “1015” download Tinyumbrella to kick out of recovery mode.
            7. Finally just jailbreak ur iphone and unlock if u want.

          • Abduel

            withme doesn t work itunes error 3194 . what kann i do? and tunyumbrella too won t connect say s Tss is not running , but in log write that devise is connect when i enter DFU mode. ???
            wat kann do plz SOS. thank you
            ive iphone 4 too

          • Anonymous

            Try FixRecovery to get out of Recovery mode

          • B52psi

            Dear Koolmobile, if you notice in step 6 it indicates to restore, and that restore is done in DFU mode, after restoring i got the error 1013, then to move to step 7 which means to use fixrecovery, after double clicking fixrecovery, itune and the error 1013 indicator will close automatically, and my phone kept in DFU mode, so the fixrecovery will not kick my iphone from DFU mode!

            Thanks for helping, but I think something wrong with ifaith.

          • Choy

            how many minutes it takes when i use ifaith?im stuck in detecting ios, pls help.=(

          • Nshanawany

            hey ,, on step 4 the iphone didnt get stuck on recoverymode it opened but the cydia didnt
            and each time i try to restore it gives me error 20 and 3194

  • Roy

    does this work with iPad2 (Wifi) with firmware 4.3.5 OTB ?

    • Anonymous

      yes its compatible for iPad 2 Wifi as well but not tested yet

      • Anon

        redsno0w doesn’t accept the ipsw for iPad2 Wifi

        • Nigger

          agreed, won’t accept ipad2 ipsw’s

          • Anon

            its because you can’t use redsn0w to jailbreak 4.3.5 on ipad2…or else I wouldn’t be trying to downgrade, I would just do tethered jailbreak

          • Sledge5hammer

            Redsnow doesn’t accept 4.3.3 IPSW files…..which Redsnow do I use? None I have found does work.

          • Phil

            for iPhone 4, use redsn0w_win_0.9.8b5. this is for tethered boot. i think redsn0w_win_0.9.8b6 is for iOS 5. good luck!

  • Guy

    Could not get it working. Phone did NOT get stuck in recovery mode after jailbreak and I got a variety of errors in iTunes, but never error 1013. Was not able to proceed with iFaith to get blobs.

    • Anonymous

      Its not necessary you get 1013 error but after restore recovery mode is required

    • Anonymous

      Its not necessary you get 1013 error but after restore recovery mode is required

  • Guest

    I cant download the restore files

  • Zerro_cool_1988

    after i succeeded to do everithing the iphone stuck on ired pwned dfu black screen. any fix for that ?

    • Guest

      did you get stuck iin recovery mode? as im not

    • Anonymous

      Use Fix Recovery or TinyUmbrella to get out of DFU mode

  • Ron Perets

    i wanted to know if you do this does it delete all your information because i mistakenly upgraded to 4.3.5 instead of 4.3.3 and didnt know and i tried to jailbredak in 4.3.3 but i got stuck in recovery and i cant get out and i really dont want to delete my information.

    • Anonymous

      Yes unfortunately your data is lost on upgrading to newer firmware however if you have Synced your Device with iTunes there might be a backup available on your PC/Mac

  • JW

    Definitely does not work. Tried it 10 times exactly, keep getting error 3192 and 20

  • Jsmith049

    Anybody successfully done this on iPad 2?

  • Yo6luk

    couldnt get it i didnt get error 1013 i got 20 but then continued and i couldnt backup the shsh and it got the snowbreeze logo to install and then it said verify and at the last moment it gave me error 37 help please im doing a backup to 4.3.5

  • Raj

    i cannot download restore file

    • Anonymous

      Due to high traffic RapidShare become unavailable sometimes but you have to bear with it as i can not repost somebody else’s work

  • Hezey Chiv

    It Just Gives Me A Blank cydia icon after jailbreak, it doesnt work, should i go to the next step even though it isnt in recovery mode ?

    • Anonymous

      No it has to be in recovery mode before using TinyUmbrella

    • Jheffvea

      repeat the jailbreak of redsnow and instead of choosing install cydia choose boot thetered only and cydia will work as it s

  • Amit Bvcoek

    I cannot reach to this step – “Open iFaith (present in “Restore Files” folder) and Save shsh blobs.” It is not allowing me to save the SHSH blobs.
    I had accidentally upgraded my iphone 4 to 4.3.5 without saving the shsh blobs and now i want to switch back to 4.3.3. PLEASE HELP

    • Anonymous

      What error you get when you try to save SHSH blobs using iFaith?

  • dave

    Somethings wrong with the Rapid share link. Can’t download restore files.

    • Anonymous

      Due to high traffic RapidShare become unavailable sometimes but you have to bear with it as i can not repost somebody else’s work

  • Samidaman

    so frustrating. Cant download the restore file

    • Anonymous

      Due to high traffic RapidShare become unavailable sometimes but you have to bear with it as i can not repost somebody else’s work

  • Merlstyre

    Why ask advice from anyone but the author? Limera1n.cc are the guys that put this together, KoolMobile’s just a poser, thats why he’ll delete this comment. Look at the restore file link, notice anything?

    Heres the real one…

  • Jeffwhymark

    restore wont download

    • Anonymous

      Due to high traffic RapidShare become unavailable sometimes but you have to bear with it as i can not repost somebody else’s work

  • Vituextreme

    Isn’t the SHSH unique for each iPhone? How will it work, if i’m using others SHSH?

    • Anonymous

      Yes SHSH Blobs are unique and using this procedure you can save SHSH blobs for your iDevice on iOS 4.3.3 and restore iOS 4.3.3

      • Vituextreme

        Hmmm…ok thanks, I will test here…I’m just downloading the iOS 70% right now!

        After all I post here…I have iPhone 4 at the iOS 4.3.5 version…

  • Vituextreme

    Isn’t the SHSH unique for each iPhone? How will it work, if i’m using others SHSH?

  • Santy

    I get error 20 when I try restore the version 4.3.3

    • beverhuinj

      Me too. Have gone through step 1-6 and only get error code 20… i’m stuck…

      • Rayant410

        go to step 8 open the ifaith then build ipsw w blobs brows for shsh blobs cache at the right below change it to tinyumbrella u will see your shsh files drag the 4.3.3 or the choice u want then open then click download it for me the files will save automatically on the desktop use the ifaith to restore. ignore the step 9 coz ur done. pls reply

  • Santy

    Does anyone know why when I finish the third step, my iphone on success and not get stuck in “recovery mode”?.

    • Anonymous

      Recovery mode is the confirmation the restore has been completed successfully. So its a must to proceed ahead

      • Coolboy

        err that wasnt the question, the question is if it doenst get stuck in recovery mode, how do we get it in recovery mode?

        • benjemin yeap

          did anyone solve this? mine doesn’t stop at recovery mode as well.

          • Jacob

            Obviously not a very good guide if the author doesn’t even help with the problems arising

  • Santy

    Does anyone know why when I finish the third step, my iphone on success and not get stuck in “recovery mode”?.

  • Al

    Not able to download the restore files from rapidshare, if some please can upload them to another server filesonic or mega upload would be great, and about the comments from other testers, does anyone succeed downgrading ? there are so many posts reporting it does not work.
    Thank you

  • Guigu__

    i got unknow ios device on ifaith

    • Anonymous

      Its due to unidentified driver. Re install iTunes latest version

  • Kenny_0523

    my phone not even stuck on recovery mode. ( step 4)

  • chito

    has anybody done this on a ipad 2 wifi+3g

  • Joshm8019

    I’m one of those guys who did the 4.3.5 update before reading up on it, on my brand new ipad 2 wifi 3g i’m hoping someone here can get this to work… it will be a godsend

    • Anonymous

      Lion_oooo has got it working on iPhone 3GS

  • Lion_oooo

    After hours of effort, I was able to get my iphone 3GS from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3… so to the non-believers out there, this procedure definitely works on some level. I’m going to detail exactly what I did with my phone in a little while…

    • Test

      I have been trying the whole day, it is either error 20 or error 1600. it will be nice if you can post the steps

      • Rfgshfh

        maybe you did not start tiny umbrella and checked “iphone 4 update” box in” advanced”

        do that only if u hv iphone 4

        • Test

          Have iphone 3gs accidentally upgraded to 4.3.5.

          • Anonymous

            @Test: Please follow the procedure above to downgrade as successfully confirmed by Lion_oooo

          • Test

            The problem is , I didnot get stuck on step 4 , the iphone jailbreak successfully completed and I can boot tethered jailbreak successfully after that. Something is wrong/missing in the instruction. It will be better of Lion_oooo can confirm or provide detail steps to all of us who are stuck

          • renoster

            Yip, same here – ran the steps a few times and now sit with a tethered jailbroken IP4 on 4.3.3

          • Test

            I am on tethered jail broken 4.3.5 on 3gs. Will be very helpful if someone who had successfully done this post the modified instructions. As I can for sure confirm that the above steps dont work on iphone 3gs.
            Problem #1 : Phone doesnt get stuck in recover loop after redsn0w – I get a jailbroken (tehtered) 4.3.5
            Problem #2: When trying to downgrade to iphone to 4.3.3, after installing everything fine, the phone goes into DFU and never comes back. (tried almost everything IREB, IRecover, FixRecover, TinyUmbrella)

            Tried various other options using sn0wbreeze, ireb, tinyumbrella combination with a custom 4.3.3 – Nothing works.

            Bottomline : Either stuck with a 4.3.3 but the phone never comes back up and stays in DFU
            or 4.3.5 tethered jailbroken, unable to unlock.

          • Anonymous

            Try Recovery Fix to get out of recovery mode. And a piece of advice that iPhone can never become brick using Jailbreak procedures hence its always better to Try

          • Lion_oooo

            But you’re not just jailbreaking, you’re downgrading iOS as well. My recommendation is for folks to stay away from this procedure until the issues with it have been fixed.

          • Test

            Tried the phone still goes back to recovery. I can certainly say the steps do not work, also Lion_oooo was saying these steps work on some level … doesnt know what it means.
            In any case, like the hundreds out there – it didnt work for me too.

          • Lion_oooo

            To clarify, I meant that the downgrade was “successful” but I was hoping to find an untethered solution, which obviously hasn’t worked out. Have you attempted to restore your phone after performing the downgrade?

          • Anonymous

            Try Recovery Fix to get out of recovery mode. And a piece of advice that iPhone can never become brick using Jailbreak procedures hence its always better to Try

          • Lion_oooo

            Yep. This is what’s happened to me exactly. After successfully getting a tethered 4.3.3 boot my iphone has bricked and I can’t get it to reboot.

          • Lion_oooo

            Yep. This is what’s happened to me exactly. After successfully getting a tethered 4.3.3 boot my iphone has bricked and I can’t get it to reboot.

          • Lion_oooo

            Yep. This is what’s happened to me exactly. After successfully getting a tethered 4.3.3 boot my iphone has bricked and I can’t get it to reboot.

          • Test

            Thanks for the clarification. I hope now it is clear to everyone that the above process doesnt work and they can go to sleep 🙂
            thanks Lion_oooo

          • Anonymous

            @Lion_oooo how come you have successfully downgraded when your iPhone is bricked. I dont get your point.
            @Test: See other comments there are 2 others who have also successfully downgraded. So there is no point saying that procedure is not working if it doesn’t work for your.

          • Lion_oooo

            I successfully downgraded 2 iphone 3GS yesterday and was able to bring them up with a redsn0w tethered boot, but when I woke up in the morning both phones wouldn’t come on, even when I tired to boot them up with redsn0w. Now they simply won’t work. I can’t even return them to 4.3.5. I can’t re-run the jailbreak or anything. iReb, fixrecovery, nothing works, nada. My phones are bricked.

          • Anonymous

            Try restoring stock 4.3.5 from iTunes if you think your devices are bricked

          • Test

            wonderful… I bricked my phone too. So much for cannot brick as part of jailbreak ! –
            Cannot even restore to 4.3.5.
            For anyone else out there . JUST STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROCEDURE – ATLEAST IF YOUR PHONE IS 3GS.

          • Lion_oooo

            Sorry to hear that, Test. I’m going to try draining my battery and I hope you do as well. If I fix the bricking, you will hear about it.

          • Test


          • Ragnar

            I think i got the same problem. I got life in my iphone after putting it in pwanage DFU and then restore the ios 3.1.3.
            StarteD TSS server in TinyUmbrella (with no shsh).

            I dont know if it will solve the problem, but for me it seems like a good start.

          • Test

            Please let me know if you were able to get out of bricking the iphone anyway. I am stuck and desparate.

          • Ragnar

            Lion_oooo: Did you find a solution to your problem?
            I have the exacte same problem. I have tried to remove the moterboard from the battery, but no luck so far..

          • Rayant410

            last night i successfully downgrade my iphone 3gs using this procedure and even today still working

          • Test

            Can you please give us the exact steps ?

          • Cncrim

            follow the procedures post above….. untethered work on 3Gs

      • Anonymous
      • Rayant410

        if you have error 20 just go to the step 8 and save shsh blobs ifaith will do it all for u. reply if will work coz it works on my iphone

    • Anonymous


  • Test

    Can someone confirm if they can go past step 6

    • Test

      Also , I had no issues in step 4

      • Al

        Not yet, ima restart the whole process i m stuck at step 6 too

  • Guest

    Has anyone yet to be able to do this on the iPad 2?

  • zul

    am also cannot pass step 6.
    got error 1600 when trying restore using itunes

    • Anonymous

      Please check the updated post to resolve iTunes errors

  • Guest

    Is this possible on a mac? I cant open iFaith or sn0wbreeze.

    • Muhammad Arslan Azmat

      Snowbreeze is Mac supported however iFaith is Windows only

    • Anonymous

      No iFaith is Windows only

  • IGM

    Currently on step 8 using iFaith. How long should it take for ‘Detecting iOS…’ ? It has been doing this for a long time.

    • IGM

      It’s still ‘Detecting iOS…’ in iFaith. Any ideas anyone? Should I pull the plug? Thanks

      • IGM

        Gave up and now back on 4.3.5. Boo!

        • Anonymous

          Make sure that iTunes is latest otherwise drivers wont load and Detecting iOS will take ages

          • IGM

            Hey koolmobile,
            I am now on 4.3.3 once again. Mainly from following the instructions above, with some harsh language and a bit of iFaith. And all good.
            It’s good to see that you are actively answering all these posts. Good man!
            BTW… The issue with people not being able to download the RestoreFiles from RapidShare is simply down to IE8. Use IE9 or another browser and the link will work fine.
            Thank you,

          • Theforgotten9

            how did u get past the apple logo loop on ifaith??????

  • DGF

    How long does the “detecting iOS” portion normally take?

    • Anonymous

      few seconds if driver is installed properly

  • renoster

    Was able to restore back to 4.3.3, but it was tethered, jailbroken but not unlocked. Also, IFaith was not able to get a 4.3.3 blob and stayed on “detecting iOS”; I assume that’s why the jailbreak ended up being tethered.

  • DGF

    I managed to get out of the “detecting iOS” screen by closing iFaith.exe and restarting. The problem now, I receive “unable to find byte sequence…” Any resolution?

  • Barnbuddy24

    can some one make a vedio shows how step by step please??

  • Jeffwhymark

    HI yesterday I could not download the “restore” file from rapid share tried again today still no joy

    I always just use internet explorer but my grandson said download and try google chrome which worked immeadiatly…result now for the iphone that I cocked up by accidently upgrading to 4.3.5

  • Raj

    hiya i am trying this on my iphone 4 can you please explain how long it take on Tinyumbrella regards

  • arc

    how long does detecting iOS in ifaith process takes? stuck there for some time.

    • arc

      gave up. ifaith only support up to 4.3.3
      so how will 4.3.5 work?? it just kept giving unable to find byte sequence and detecting IOS take forever.

  • Greeneyes5066

    Is this method good for Mac user on Lion 10.7.1?

    • Anonymous

      iFaith is windows only so you have to use Windows machine for this procedure

  • IPhone 4 User

    No good for iPhone 4 – iFaith will always stop with this error: “Unknown iOS detected on this device! Aborting…”

  • Rayant412

    got error 20 pls help

  • Rayant

    it work in my 3gs thanks thanks thanks

    • Test

      How did it work in your 3gs ? Can you post the exact steps you followed ?

      • Rayant410

        just follow the step by step if you have error 20 just ignore it and go to step 8

  • bitbox

    I recently received an iPad (1) already running FW 4.3.5.
    I never owned an iPad before and played around with the device for a few days then decided to jailbreak it since Apple’s restrictions are really exaggerated…
    I soon discovered the impossibility to easily downgrade the FW to 4.3.3 without having a prior SHSH backup.

    I regained hope discovering this article (well, I first found it on Limera1n to be honest)… Since then I tried to apply the described method (and learned a lot about the intricacies of jailbreaking on the road). I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to get it running, first following step by step instructions then gradually exploring other ways to chain usage of the miscellanous available tools… but to no avail !..

    I currently have the iPad reported as having the 4.3.3 FW installed (in TinyUmbrella) but stuck with the USB cable and iTunes logo. At this point, trying to save the SHSH only reports:

    APPLE is NOT signing iPad 4.3b1 (8F5148b) SHSH requests anymore. All you can do now is select CYDIA and hope that CYDIA has your SHSH saved. If not, there is nothing you can do.

    And same for 4.3b3 and 4.3b3…

    As this last phrase reminds me of what SHSH blobs are, it suddenly seems quite obvious that it will indeed never be possible to rebuild them after Apple stopped signing FW versions prior to 4.3.5. Apple has closed the jail’s doors on it’s customers once again (and for all to this extend). For those of you having a few minutes to spend I recommend you read this article by Jay Freeman (saurik), the guy behind Cydia: http://www.saurik.com/id/12

    I admit I feel quite disappointed being pushed to such a conclusion, but there it is: reality !
    But before I delve into depression, I suddenly remember that, after all, the whole point of willing to downgrade the FW was to have an unthetered jailbreak !.. So WTF Apple, I’ll go for a thetered jailbreak of your sealed doors’ 4.3.5, this will probably be a piece of cake compared to all the time I spent trying to downgrade 😛

    Regarding Lion_oooo’s experience I admit to have some doubts about how he succeeded, IMHO he must have had his SHSH saved wether localy or on Cydia’s server, using TinyUmbrella recovered it without him knowing it maybe ?..

    To conclude I would advise anyone not to loose too much time trying to downgrade FW 4.3.5 unless they have their SHSH saved somewhere… or wether they are willing to learn 😉
    Let’s hope that an unthetered jailbreak will (soon) be available for iOS5, although since Comex has been enrolled at Apple’s I fear the jailbreak community might loose one of its best elements 🙁

    Time will tell…

    • Anonymous

      @BitBox: Nice work but i would like to make some clarifications on your points,
      First of all you can never create SHSH blobs of lower iOS versions therefore in the procedure above iOS 4.3.3 is restored before saving SHSH blobs
      Secondly to save and Restore SHSH blobs Cydia servers are used rather than Apple.

  • Smartmbee

    Not working on iPhone 4. In step 4, iphone will stuck on boot logo instead of recovery mode ! Have tried 1000 times !

    • shashank kapoor

      Same happened with me. I had to use manual DFU mode by pressing home and power bottom.

      • Anonymous

        Nice to see so many ppl having success

    • Jen

      it worked for me but after a million attempts of skipping steps, redoing steps..

      • Anonymous

        Nice to see so many ppl having success

        • Wesley

          Note: You can’t downgrade to an iOS that you don’t have SHSH blobs for and expect to get an untethered boot. Blogs are claiming they found a way. Well… the bootrom explicitly looks for SHSH blobs upon boot. So if they aren’t there… it’ll just go into a DFU loop. When you can write to read-only memory. Let me know. Don’t waste your time.

          • Imstepf123

            I think your right the only way i was able to downgrade was to do a tethered break. is it possible to share blobs

      • Josemari

        sure its working? unthethered 4.3.3 after downgrade? after a million attempts?

        I have no time for trying a million, cause IT IS IMPOSIBLE, fakerman!!!

  • aaa

    so no updates and none of the testers have tried this why ?

    • Anonymous

      Rayant410 and few others have succesfully downgraded their iPhone 3GS using this procedure

  • vcesarbr

    I have a an Iphone 4 with ios 4.3.5

    From step 1 to 7 was smoth on step 8 with ifaith I could not save the shsh, first was given me an error that did not recorganize the IOS, so I tried others version from Ifaith and stuck in waiting for Iphone or checking ios. anyway I move ahead did the sn0wbreeze and tried to restore in Itunes and got a error 37.

    If some experience same problem and have a solution I will apreciate.

  • Samsal46

    after reading all the posts here i can see that the only ones successful with this method are those with iphone 3gs.. im having an ipad1. and i dont think i will be able to do it and dont wanna waste my time unless someone comes up with anything other than a 3gs success story!

  • Janoki2

    Does it works for iPad 2 16GB (wifi only)?

  • Janoki2

    Does it works for iPad 2 16GB (wifi only)?

  • Rcawdery

    when I click on “restore files” I get sent to a rapid share website1?

    • Anonymous

      try alternate links in comments below

  • shashank kapoor

    Hi I figured out something after many trials. Before one can restore it should be active in both itunes and tiny umberlla. Those who getting 1600 it is because your device is not connected to tiny umberlla. And error 20 when you not in DFU mode. Please note don’t use iReb to get into DFU because it will then not allow you to connect to Tiny umberlla. If anyone knows how to use snowbreeze which does not force it to DFU mode then that could be a solution.

    I am using Iphone 4 32gb locked to at&t ios 4.3.5 baseband 4.10.01

  • Gejohnson Nyc

    Does anyone actually know how to get pass the iFaith error “unable to find byte sequence?” I havent actually seen anyone provide an answer to that question, and that is the only place I am stuck at. Ipad 1st gen shows 4.3.3 on the black screen when running iFaith, but that error pops up repeatedly. Can anyone help with that, please?????

    • Lion_oooo

      I don’t think iFaith works on tethered devices which, if you followed the steps above, your device would be. Anyway, the original poster of the downgrade seems to have made it work. I’d like to know how.

    • arman

      i have the same issue its so annoying if you found any help email me on this 1234arman@live.co.uk ive been trying to fixthis for 3 days :'(

    • Gejohnson Nyc

      I would like to know as well. But it seems like no one can give me a straight answer on the subject. Everyone just says “It Worked,” without any actual details or procedures.

    • Cncrim

      I think this the procedure work for 3Gs only, won’t work Iphone 4

    • Kylevdmerwe

      try iFaith v 1.2.1 instead, that fixed it for me. well fixed that error, still waiting to see if the whole process works though.

      • Iam_cruz

        iFaith 1.2.1 worked in my iPhone 4

    • Ffuvcbdju

      download ifaith v1.2.1 because i hade same prob bro! but it worked! 😀

  • For any information i`m here ask me and it isn`t fake

    • shashank kapoor

      Hi Mokhles first of all thanks for finding this solution as I made my phone brick after updating it. Okie so the problem i find is at step 4. It doesn’t stuck at recovery mode instead it get stuck on apple logo screen. Even when i forced it into recovery mode using home button and power button, it either gave me error 3194 or 20 or 1600. After trying more than 20 times in last 2 days. I left my phone and started using an android phone. Please help I really want my iphone back.

      I use Iphone 4 32gb locked to at&t. 4.3.5 baseband 4.10.01

      Would appreciate if you can sort this problem out. Thanks

      • anonymous

        @shashank – I had that problem before. So you tried just restoring your phone to 4.3.5 after deleting the 74.x.x.x gs.apple out of the host file and you are getting stuck on the apple screen halfway through the restore?

        • Sujanmall

          Just remove all the files inside host file.and if itune finds your iPhone restore just option restore to 4.3.5 if not than delete tune and install past version.

      • Warcraftboy

        This happened to me. You have to restore your hosts file back to normal and you have to restore and update to 4.3.5 in iTunes YOU MUST BE IN DFU MODE or the restore will not work. I tried 10 times then finally tried with it in DFU and it worked first try.

    • Anonymous

      Nice to see you around (if you are real)
      On which iDevice you have tested this procedure it only seems to work on iPhone 3GS?

      • ipod user

        have u try on ipod touch4 ??? Iam stuck in recovery mode step 8

    • Joshm8019

      Is this able to be done on and iPAD 2 (wifi + 3G) with 4.3.5

    • shashank kapoor

      Hey have you tried this on Iphone 4. Does this work on it. Becoz many here including me have tried this on iphon4 and didnt work. Thanks 🙂

      • Eddibertosilvaz

        no i tried it for iphone4 it doesn’t work at all

    • Shatter316

      Could u please tell me how u did it? I get stuck after everything has been put on my phone in dfu mode. Blank screen. Does nothing. Neither does ifaith recboot or tiny umbrella

  • Hi,
    I have tryied the tutorial, but I have stopped to step 8.
    Anything error but Ifaith has stopped to spep 4 (Apple logo) and on my screen Iphone there is:
    “Unable to byte sequence”
    I have got a Iphone 4 with 4.3.3 restored with your tutorial but Ifaith has stoppe to Apple logo and repeat, repeat and more repeat: I device Iphone 4 4.3.3 restored, unable to byte sequence.

    I have repeated this tutorial a lot time!!! 🙁
    What this error???

  • Samuel

    Hi Guys, i’m trying this on an ipod touch 4g

    Step 5. Open Tinyumbrella (present in “Restore Files” folder), right click on your iDevice name on the left pane then press on Start Tss Server.

    How do i do this? When i right click my device i only get options to enter recovery, exit recovery and fix recovery.

    Just to confirm in Step 4(After the procedure is complete the iPhone will stuck on recovery mode.) Before i proceed to step 5 i need to put the iDevice in DFU mode?


    • shashank kapoor

      Check this pic 🙂

      • Samuel

        @shashank kapoor, Thanks! 🙂

        I know that but when does it mean i have to right click on my device name first?

        If i start the Tss Server straight after it opens it is still the same rite?

        • shashank kapoor

          Well I didnt right clicked but left instead. Which showed this device is connected. Then started Tss server.

          • Samuel

            @shashank kapoor

            I did that as well.

            Still it seems to be stuck in DFU mode…

  • d.Hirst

    hi, i have downloaded the restore files, but i cant open it, its in a .rar format???

    • shashank kapoor

      try using 7zip

  • Niwar


    i tested with 3gs and 4 restored but iphone stay on DFU mode

  • Aldrin

    Can I downgrade ipad 2 to 4.3.3 without jailbreaking? It’s still not supported by redsnow and snowbreeze.

  • Aqk147

    This tutorial may work for the 3gs but DEFINATELY does not work for the Iphone 4. A video may prove this fact. I have tried WITH SHSH blobs and it works but if you never saved your blobs how will Cydia Servers recognise our devices?

    The only misleading point is that tinyumbrella invokes the shsh files to be saved locally which is beneficial if you HAVE SAVED the SHSH. If not…then forget about all this.


  • shashank kapoor

    Can anybody please tell me how can I use my Iphone 4 4.3.5 baseband 4.10.01 locked to At&t in UK. I have also ordered a original gevey sim ultra. Can anybody confirm will it work. Please.

    • Lion_oooo

      The Gevey sim’s going to work perfectly for you, so long as it’s not faulty. I’ve used a couple here in Australia and they’ve worked well.

      • shashank kapoor

        Thanks Lion_oooo

  • my iPhone4 either get stuck on detecting ios or unknown ios detected on this device aborting, if i can not go forward how do i get out of DFU mode. or any other way i can continue.

  • Lion_oooo

    Has anyone managed to get iFaith to capture the SHSH blobs?

  • Rayant412

    after downgrade 4 days ago my iphone still work perpectly,

  • Acalf

    does anyone know if I can possibly try this method?

    my iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 2009 48th week no SHSH saved . I have tethered jailbreak last year and used Greenpossion few days ago and seems destroy something (I know now that Greenpoison only for 4.1.2), got a USB plug into ituens image on iPhone, and cdannot get out of it, then

    so I tried restore custom 3.1.2 but failed and finally get a black screen.(DFU MODE)

    I do not know how to do now.

    does anyone think that it is wise to upgrade my phone to 4.3.5 and using this method?

  • Barn 2010

    plz make a vedio and put in youtube …

  • Dergam_haitham

    Hi, i have jailbroken my iPod Touch 4G iOS 4.3.5 with redsn0w (tethered) .. Now i want to try this way that u mentioned, on my Cydia i saw “SHSH Blob 4.3.5” written on the top.. So i think i have the SHSH file. What should i do now !? Can u please link me to a complete HOW TO page !? Thank u very much 🙂

  • Fam 911

    i got a problem if you guys can help…..i have an ipod touch 4 which i had never updated or gotten it jailbroken and when i decided to jail break it, i went to jailbreakme.com and it wouldnt work…something about my IOS not compatible…anyway, i was updating to 4.3.3, using the recommended steps in different forums and ended up with a blank screen. i have no saved SHSH or anything so i tried your steps and that didnt work either…should i use the itunes update and restore link to update to 4.3.5 and then downgrade it using your steps or should i seek help from someone in person???

  • Riveracantha

    I did the procedure but it still didn’t work for me.
    I did everything right up until iTunes told me that my iPhone was not eligible for the requested build.
    I’m stuck – help please.

  • Fam 911

    Step 4 didnt work….the device did not go on recovery mode after jail break

    • Fam 911

      This is for my IPAD 1, which also had never been jailbroken…yes i m just that crazy…anyway, the ios on it is 4.3.5 which i tried to downgrade a few times, but gave up after reaching step 4 on my 3rd try…the first 2 times it got stuck on iFaith’s loop…btw, on tiny umbrella my device was not showing….anyway, now i have a supposedly jailbroken 4.3.5 with Safari not working….how do i fix that???

  • eBoLa

    I cannot do it on my iPad2 3G, since redsn0w doesnt recognize iPad 2’s .IPSW :/ If anyone have any solution about this, let me know !

  • Happy

    on my iphone 3gs i skipped step 7 thru 10 and i jailbroke it again and it worked
    thanks alot!

    • Muhammad Arslan Azmat


  • Lollol

    the restore files downloaded from rapid share free download cannot be downloaded is there another way to download the restore files??

  • Vzxcvxzcv

    THIS DOES WORK FOR IPAD 2 I have tried this many times DO NOT WASTE UR TIME HERE

  • ipod user

    is it so long when you are in iFaith ??? I am stuck in step 8, my device Ipod touch 4.3.5, HELP ME PLEEASE. ……………

  • Karelthazouk

    just got stuck with iphone 4, on ifaith , says can’t find byte sequence.. restoring to 4.3.5, then going to try the steps above.. because i didn’t made the first step that is jailbreak 4.3.5, pointing to the 4.3.3

  • Jakkin2

    just worked for me but took like 4 hours and alot of redoing steps

  • Yuiroto

    Please help, I am stuck at step 7… iFaith says “Unable to find byte sequence” on my iPad 1…

  • Yuiroto

    Sorry, I meant I am stuck at step 8… iFaith says “Unable to find byte sequence” on my iPad 1…

  • Allan

    Can you still update genuine ios with itunes if on custom firmware?

    • Muhammad Arslan Azmat

      Please read the workaround update by Jab in post above

  • Jad

    Done…!! 🙂
    For whom they couldn’t continue the point 8, do the following:
    1- Go to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc, cut hosts file and paste it on your desktop, delete all previous “hosts” and paste # gs.apple.com instead to be as the following;

    # For example:
    # rhino.acme.com # source server
    # x.acme.com # x client host
    # gs.apple.com

    Points 3,4,5,6 & 7 are the same as mentioned in the topic above.

    8- Start iFaith while your iDevice in the recovery mode NOT in the DFU mode.
    ** Try many times if it stuck on Apple Logo step… USE iREB to enter DFU mode.

    I downgraded my iPhone4 from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3…. SO LUCKY.. 🙂

  • Pnakawala

    can u explore the step 8..
    how to use ifaith and how to store shsh file..?

  • iBu7MaiD

    after redsn0w jailbroke my iphone 4 white 32GB on 4.3.5 and everytime i try to restore with tinyumbrella it gives me error 20 and without tinyumbrella its error 31xx whatever i tried fixing it by disabling firewall. no hope i restored it back to 4.3.5 normal mode. i really like a reply cause I NEED TOM TOM n COD zombies

    • iBu7MaiD

      reply pleeeze i need ur help i watched tons of vids no hope

  • smh

    Won’t work on Mac because the included iFaith file is a .exe … where is the dmg of iFaith? wtf is the point of adding a Mac side to this guide if it’s clearly only for Windows users.

  • Zomgitsvlad

    i dont get error 1013 i get error 20

  • Wassim

    I got a new iPad 2 which is running 4.3.5 would I be able to downgrade to 4.3.3?

    • Anonymous

      So far i have not seen anybody successfully downgrading iPad 2, however iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad Original have been downgraded by some of our valuable reader which you can find in comments above.

  • Jad

    Oooh.. I am so smart 🙂

    My iPhone 4 got a jailbroken 4.3.3 IOS, but i have faced too many bugs. I tried to restore it to original 4.3.3 but unfortunately I couldn’t since Apple stops signing 4.3.3…

    BUT as I am very smart :)… I has done it, I has restored it to original 4.3.3 and jailbreaked it also using ultrasnow (Win)…

    If you need any help, please reply to this post…

    • Da_rapper_2004

      Well it’s nice that u have done it … it will be nicer if u tell us how did u do it …

      • Da_rapper_2004

        Cause i tried the method u posted and i didn’t manage to get any shsh from iFaith 1.3.2 … so i got iFaith 1.2.1 and i managed to get the SHSH blob with it … but after i made the singed IPSW with the blob and i tried to restore it via itunes i got error 37.

        • Jad

          Hey Da,
          You have to follow the instruction below to re-jailbreak your iDevice with 4.3.3:
          1- Connect your iDevice to iTunes and backup.

          2- Go to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and cut the “hosts” file then paste it on your desktop, open it with “notepad”, delete all hosts and paste ” # gs.apple.com ” at the last line, you will get the following

          # For example:
          # rhino.acme.com # source server
          # x.acme.com # x client host
          # gs.apple.com

          3- Run Redsn0w and jailbreak the device using IOS 4.3.3 (please download the final version of redsnow).

          4- Once finished, put your iDevice in recovery mode using Tinyumbrella then start Tss Server (please download the final version).

          5- Now, Run fixrecovery (it will be waiting for the iDevice to put in DFU mode), put your iDevice in DFU mode by the normal way (Power + Home for 10 sec then release Power with keeping the Home button OR use iREB-r3).

          6- Now run iFaith to save the shsh blobs.(remember where you saved shsh because you need it to build the IOS using the iFaith, see point 7).

          7- Use iFaith to build the IOS (4.3.3), once finished you will find the IOS on your desktop.

          8- Put your iDevice in DFU mode (if not working try the recovery mode) and open iTunes, SHIFT + Restore then chose the IOS you have built and Enjoy..!!

          100% Working..:)

          • Jad

            Point 2: When you paste the host, please re-copy the “hosts” file to the original folder C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

          • Leslien


            Are you able to boot 4.3.3 UNTETHERED?

          • Jad

            Jailbreak for 4.3.3 is untethered.

            What is your iDevice IOS?

          • Leslien


            I have iOS 4.3.5 on iPhone 4, SHSH blobs saved by Tinyumbrella (tried with 5.00.9, 5.00.10 and 5.00.11, same results) and got SHSH’s ONLY for 4.3.5 and the 5.0 betas 1 to 6 :-(((

            I tried the downgrade to iOS 4.3.3, steps 1 thru 6 in your post, in step 6 got stuck on iFaith step “identifying IOS…” for a while, after a few restarts trying with iFaith 1.21 and 1.3.2, I successfully saved SHSH for 4.3.3 thru iFaith (both 1.2.1 and 1.3.2 produces the same .ifaith format of the blob file), then followed next steps 7 & 8 … and the only way to boot is jailbroken TETHERED… (unjailbroken phone restored to 4.3.3 goes in DFU on each boot, then after jailbreak again need tethered boot). So, no use of this downgrade for me, as we already have the tethered boot also on jailbroken iOS 4.3.5.

            Well, my question was, after you downgraded to 4.3.3 with the blobs saved by Faith, did you manage to get to untethered boot or you are booting still tethered?

            BTW, I played a little with the 4.3.5 and 5.0bX .shsh files saved by TinyUmbrella and figured out they are gzipped plist files (attention: “gzip.exe -n”) editable in human readable XML with plist Editor (I am on Windows). I figured outwhere to “stitch” the hashes extracted by iFaith (a somewhat lenghty process involving BinHex decrypting of the sections of the XML blob and re-encrypting after binary edit of the files with copy paste of the iFaith hashes … I can provide more info if someone is interested). Playing around the .shsh I managed to recreate a 4.3.3 .shsh in TinyUmbrella format that was successfully read AND RECOGNIZED AS VALID SHSH blob file by Tinyumbrella (all 5.00.9, 5.00.10. 5.00.11), but, when I tried to restore the device to 4.3.3 with this recreated SHSH file, got the same result as above – DFU or tethered jailbroken 4.3.3, so no luck… Today I saw the new redsn0w 0.9.9b1 has a SHSH verify function, tried it and it says it failed to verify all 19 blobs in the “recreated” 4.3.3 SHSH… (had to reconvert it in XML format as redsn0w does not read the Tinyumbrella gzipped plist shsh; redsn0w however sucessfully verified the original 4.3.5 and 5.0bX shshs converted to XML).

            I will quit trying the downgrade and will wait for the announced untethered jailbreak for iOS 5…

  • WhizzZ

    TY!!!!!! 🙂 finally some page that realy help us 🙂

  • Scoop_toon

    when restore error 20 appear..

  • Jurhos

    Just downgraded my iPhone 4.

    It was a combination of steps:
    1, 2, 6, 7, 9 and 10 (as above)



  • ALIEN44

    Hi well in a word (pointless) I got it to work on Iphone 4.
    And all you will end up with is a tethered jailbreak no
    Unlock. No shsh to save. If you do manage it your self.
    And then run redsn0w to run tethered. goto cydia and look
    At the bottom of the page it will say ios 4.3.3 BUT then
    goto the top of the page and it says shsh: IOS 4.3.5
    That’s why it is tethered and no unlock. So Im going back
    To 4.3.5 hopefully wish me luck.

  • Ronish

    it worked on my iphone yipeeeeee……..thanks ..

  • Ronish1234

    worked on iphone 4..

  • Imstepf123

    well just gonna put my iphone 4 away for a rainy day my iphone 2g still works like a charm i even have gevey sim i dont even want to use it for my iphone 4 it works but very annoying have problems with with seeing contatcs incoming calls text messages the worst gevey sim suck ass

  • Xtremethunderster

    i got error 20…dont know what the heck it is…

  • Mlovesu

    can i use the above method to upgrade from 4.2.1 to 4.3.3

  • Suraj

    may be i tried this one for 100 times.when i put isw 4.3.3 with redsnow 0.9.8b6 it will stuck in the apple logo and if i load same isw with 0.96rc16 then everything will go smooth but stucked on itune restore.For a day my iphone seems like bricked…completely dead…..no matter what i do…and after whole day when i plugged in into different computer then it starts restore into 4.3.5. wow that was hard….

  • Didigvs

    thx everyone, & thx to mokhless hussein for his post.
    worked for my iphone3GS after a hard work but seems not working for my ipad1,
    hope there will be an unthered jailbeak 4.3.5.
    good luck for everyone

  • Ahmed Alsurmi

    it’s working on iphone 4 but i have a problem when i lock the mobile it go automatic in to DFU Pwnd Mode !!!!
    and when i open ifaith and try to save shsh it Stuck Detecting ios
    can you please help me ???????

    • al

      i get the same thing. If anyone has the solution please help.

  • Ahmed Alsurmi

    it’s working on iphone 4 but i have a problem when i lock the mobile it go automatic in to DFU Pwnd Mode !!!!
    and when i open ifaith and try to save shsh it Stuck Detecting ios
    can you please help me ???????

  • Darren

    Not working at all, i’ve spent 9 hours straight trying to get this working.

    I’ve took 5 hours to get past the iFaith , which kept showing error byte seqeuence.. I used an earlier version instead, and it worked fetching SHSH blobs.

    Then,i thought all was well , as i happily built a custom IPSW, only to find out after installing it, it doesnt boot……( stuck in DFU )

    What a waste of time….

    • Ahmed Alsurmi

      Fanx 4 da fast replay n im waiting 4 untetheard 4.3.5 or 5.0
      When do u funk ultrasn0w will support it this 4.3.5 n 5.0

      • Ahmed Alsurmi

        Sorry fink

    • Darren

      Ooh by the way, i was trying it on an iPhone 4 ,

      No matter what i tried , the apple boot logo would not appear, EXCEPT for the original 4.3.5 IPSW.

      I’ve flashed countless times , reflashed countless more, edited hosts files to each websites preference , used all tools available as described – tried them in all sorts of order. to no avail .

      If only someone who got this working could possibly post out a SIMPLE step by step guide or better, youtube it for everyone here.

      As of now, i see NO ONE that got it working, bothered to even show that they got it working.

      Not an accusation , but sounds fishy – trolls .

      Congratulations, you just wasted 9 hours of my time trying, i hope it made u happy 🙂

  • Jdolo809

    after using red snow it didn’t even get stuck! man i screwed what do I do now? I got the cydia logo atleast…

  • Jdolo809

    i got error 20

  • Dikushi

    do not cry after this news:
    you can not downgrade iPhone 4 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 never without TinyUmbrellas SHSH blob iven if you have ifaith blob you can not downgrade , because when tou dongrade iphone 4 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 iphone will stuck in DFU mode and you can not fix it without TinyUmbrellas SHSH blob sorry brothers

  • Abduel

    kein chance always gives me error 3164 , and umbrella doesn t connect tss is not running ,,,,,, what kann i do plz help

  • Brennonbs56

    Does this work for iPod touch 4, and when i tried with this device when ingot to the iFaith stage it would just say on the screen that it couldn’t find the bytes. What did I do wrong??

  • vokab_san_luv_btk_mvk_dm

    I’ve tried this before and I didn’t get stuck in recovery mode. I’m 100% sure that redsn0w was pointing at ios 4.3.3. How the heck am I supposed to do this properly if step 2 doesn’t even execute as it should?

  • vokab_san_luv_btk_mvk_dm

    its not stuck in recovery mode it needs to boot tethered, fuck this shit

  • Kot

    Hey I can’t get me 3GS out of recovery after I do all the steps. Please help.

    I never actually got error 1013 from iTunes but it finished installing and went straight back into recovery which is what’s suppose to happened, but when I try to get it out with Fixrecovery it just goes threw a bunch of code and seems to crash and I’m back at recovery. I tried with upbrela fix recovery nothing. I tried iFaith it reads the phone, reads that it’s at 4.3.3 and gets stuck on apple logo. So I’m completely stuck in rec mode. Please help, I still have hope for the 3GS! Thanks

  • Felipe

    After almost 10 hours I’m totally tired of trying that! I have an iPad 1 3G 64GB and it was with 4.2.1, but I actualized it and now it’s with 4.3.5. I’ve been trying to downgrade it but I ALWAYS get ALL the errors mentioned at the post! I got 3194, 1600, 1604, 20, and finally 37, the one that I couldn’t get over. I tryied to use a snowbreeze custom version and the oficial version of 4.3.3 and tryied even the iFaith and iRecovery but didn’t work, iTunes keeps teling me there’s the 37 unknown error. Ans my ipad was on a boot loop. So I restored it to 4.3.5 again and that’s it =/ If anyone can help I’ll live it! Thanks, Felipe

    • Xilixx

      i now how to avoid error 37. You just should do custom version with Snowbreeze but unchek all those possibilities (custom logo and so on)

  • Jimdaza

    So I Found a way to jailbreak iPad 1 and avoid the stupid infinite loop: use iFaith 1.2.1… Totally works… and I’m Totally happy =)

    • I Zer0weaver


    • Edplage

      Im trying this one 1.2.1, but return “Unsupported Device!” error.

  • Wisely

    After millions of trial and errors, managed to downgrade my phone to 4.3.3. The good ends there, i’ve gotten a tethered jailbreak and the phone has no signal. Doesn’t matter about the signal stuff, cos’ i know there are ways to get it settled. But what about the tethered??? It’s frustrating! So can someone show me the light please?

  • Lohatz

    Im not getting an error when im downgrading itunes just sais its in factory settings and then its stuck in dfu mode and i cant get it out with fixrecovery and ideas?

  • RockstarFromMars

    will this work for my ipad2 that is wifi only and is on 4.3.5

  • RockstarFromMars

    redsnow cant see my 4.3.3 ipsw for ipad2(wifi)

  • RockstarFromMars

    well, it can see it but it cant recognise it.

  • Matmotor

    Remember this only tested on 3Gs not iPhone 4 . All the Files of ipsw Firmware are not the same… Do take note guys n gals ^_^

  • Ramand

    Worked on Iphone 4 🙂 Thanks.

  • Matmotor

    this wat i get … dun tell me my iphone still detech ios 4.3.5 ?

  • Meatpump

    why would you guys try this with your iphone 4. It is to valueable to risk it being bricked. Koolmobile is wrong an he is a fraud. He has not tried this for himself

    • NONO


  • Kamus003

    those who cant downgradee and get stuck on DFU mode, can try restore the 4.3.5 with itunes (just itunes, close all the other things, like tyniumbrella, etc.) to recover from dfu loop mode, after that you can try again if you get the risk, I give up, cause just borrow me the iphone 1 day.

  • ritavarela26

    Hello! Is there any tutorial for mac users?

  • Noah_koop

    i keep getting “unexpected error during preparation” in redsn0w……. any suggestions?

  • MyNameIsBom

    Does this work on iPod touch 4G? I helping my friend downgrade his 4.3.5 iPod touch 4G to 4.3.3… I’ve bricked it using Redsn0w for 4.3.5 jailbreak tethered.. So he can get the 4.3.3 Jailbreak… Anyone tried it on an iPod touch 4G? does it work?

    • MyNameIsBom

      ** it’s not bricked anymore **
      but still need confirmation if downgrading works on iPod touch 4G 4.3.5

  • Awad123456789

    it worked for me i swear i was on iphone 3gs 4.3.5 now on 4.3.3 for step 8 use ifaith 1.2.1 it seems to work the one in restore file dont work i have pic proof

  • John_smk11

    ifaith said: unknown ios detected on this device aborting.
    What’s the solution for this? Plaese.

  • Willian Sousa

    WOW, all the time i’m using iFaith 1.3.2 … no success 🙁
    Using iFaith 1.2.1 … Saved my shsh for 4.3.3, downgrading NOW. Thanks thanks from brazilian boy 🙂

    • Bruno Azevedo

      Willian, voce conseguiu fazer o downgrade pra 4.3.3 untethered ? Cara nao estou conseguindo fazer no meu iPad1 64GB 3G. O negocio so fica em DFU o tempo todo.

      • Said

        Algum sucesso ?? Obtive o mesmo resultado em 4 idevice diferentes

  • Bruno Azevedo

    Does not work at all for iPad 1 64GB 3G.
    Everything fine until step 6. At step 6 i can only restore to 4.3.3 if i take it from RECOVERY mode to DFU mode.
    It will restore to 4.3.3 , but after that there’s no 1013 error. Device will loop in DFU mode and that’s it.
    FIXRECOVERY don’t fix the DFU loop, also restoring to a custom sn0wbreeze 2.7.3 firmware will not work either.

    Algo step 8 don’t work, it will show iDevice firmware 4.3.3 but after that it will loop with message “BYTE SEQUENCE NOT FOUND”

    The only way to get out of DFU loop now is using the “Just boot tethered right now” option of redsn0w 0.9.8b4.
    The device will get out of DFU loop and boot normal with firmware 4.3.3, but once you reboot it or turn the device off, DFU loop AGAIN.




  • eLgin

    i tried this and it works but the only problem is when i turn off my device it doesn’t turn off but i turns in DFU mode…im now restoring my iphone 4 to ios 4.3.5 again…and will just wait for the untethered jailbreak for ios 4.3.5…

    and by the way when i was in step 3…my phone wasnt stuck on recovery it just booted normally…

    • Bruno Azevedo

      Same problem i have with my iPad1. One question, did you updated your phone from 4.3.3, or is it a factory 4.3.4 / 4.3.5 firmware ?

  • Ipad1 FOREVER

    IPAD 1, near success but…

    Dear kool, in final final step i tried to restore to 4.3.3 signed by snowbreeze (or ifaith, is the same).
    FOREVER error 37 at 60-70% of process (when indicator in my ipad1 is in 60-70% position during restoring fw). At this moment iTune is in “verifying installation” moment. Where the problem is? Is Error 37 fixable?

    • Graficofotografo

      Ipad now is in the DFU mode permanent. Only method to restor via iTunes is Pwned DFU via iFaith BEFORE itunes.

    • Nono

      just try to download another IPSW with firefox or with MAC system not windos explorer

  • al

    I’m stuck on step 7. I get the 1013 error but when I run fixrecovery, theres text on the device and it goes to dfu mode after that. I googled the problem and it said delete gsapple.cm host entries but I would get a 3194 error. I suppose theres supposed to be an apple logo after fixecovery. Is there anyway for me to restore to stock 4.3.3 or 4.3.5?

  • savko

    unable to find byte sequence?”
    use ifaith 1.2.1 WORKING 100%!
    ok, i used ireb to enter dfu, then open tiny umbrella, start server, before that uncheck Set hosts….
    Open Itunes 10.4.80 (i used that version) and restore 4.3.3… i had no error 1013, and after restoring i opened ifaith 1.2.1 and do all process… after that created costume ispw with snowbreez and restored with itunes…. tiny umbrela is opened all the time and server is not stoping at all.. hopi its work.

  • Tandraicel

    If I downgrade from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 will I loose all the current apps, folders and other things like text messages, call logs, etc? If I downgrade and do the option+restore with the 4.3.3 firmware and update my host file will itunes change my phone to 4.3.3 from 4.3.5 and keep everything else the same on the phone? So visually I wont notice a difference on the phone but it will be 4.3.3 and available for untethered jailbreak?

  • Lil Domco

    i made the steps but after the jailbreak was done , my divice started and now iam on 3.3.5. and i have a white cydia app that dosent work…

  • Franciscosoyelmejor94

    guys when i push the browse button in redsnow comes a message where says unable something and specifided IPSW what can i do to silve this please somebody help me

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