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Disclosure of Jabra’s fully wireless earbuds-The Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra Wireless EarbudsThe first of it’s kind to be developed by the company, Jabra has disclosed the release of it’s completely wireless earbuds, which will be sold by the name Jabra Elite Sport. They are due to be available as of the 30th of October ,exclusively available at Best Buy and will be for $249.

The main focus of the Jabra Elite Sport is mainly on fitness of the consumer with various features such as Intelligent voice coaching and Heart Rate Monitoring in addition to many others. They appear to include all the required basic features needed for a fully wireless earbud .Consumers can expect a battery life of approximately three hours playback time in addition to two extra charges, through the accompanying carrying case. The Elite sport is also said to feature an audio passthrough feature which enables the user to be in touch with voices from the surroundings while wearing the earbuds. The Elite Sport can also be immersed in around 3 feet of water for upto 30minutes which is mainly due to the earbuds having a water resistance of IP67.

Very similar to the Gear IconX, released by Samsung, the main focal point is fitness monitoring. One such example is an interesting feature, the heart rate monitor embedded into the earbuds -with the company claiming approximately 90% accuracy of the heart rate .Various other features are also available which include an application which when connected to your smartphone enables the user to monitor their workout performance during workouts and either hasten or speedup the pace ,this feature is known as the real-time audio coaching and requires the user to have the Jabra Sport Life App on their smartphone to get feedback.

With the Elite Sport Buds ,users can expect wonderful audio quality ,specifically during phone calls. This feature is made possible because of the two microphones that are built into both earbuds, one of them which picks your voice signals while the other is mainly for controlling which background noises need to be filtered. Voice Command is also available while you are wearing the Elite Sports Earbuds.


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