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Disclosed iPhone 7 Features and Specs prior to September 7 event

iphone 7  leakOver the last few months there has been an immense hype created over the release of the iPhone 7 ,which is to be launched at Apple’s 7th September event . According to reports released by KGI Securities , the disclosed reports establish various details that have already been discussed about of many social media platforms ,in addition to some valuable information pertaining to various details of the iPhone 7 hardware, mainly including details of the processor expected to be used ,as well as various display and camera features that we did not know about.

According to the KGI Securities report, users can expect the iPhone 7 to come with a A10 processor, concomitant with a M10 coprocessor ,which is expected to be produced by TSMC and will be using the new ‘InFO’ procedure, that allows for a compelling enhancement in performance of the device which has been recorded at 2.4Hz.The 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to most likely come with 2GB RAM while the 5.5 inch iPhone 7Plus is expected to come with 3GB RAM.

The previous Space Gray colour is also said to be alternated with two new colours , namely the glossy “piano black” and a “dark Black”, thereby providing iPhone consumers with a range of options which has 5 colours- Rose Gold, Gold, Silver ,Glossy Black and Dark Black.

One of the main features to have mostly been neglected to have been discussed is the iPhone Display. Although the size and the resolution of the iPhone 7 models are to remain homogenous with prior models, the devices are expected to include the latest  True Tone Technology, which will enable the device to deliver clearer and more beautiful images captured by the device-similar to that provided in the iPad Pro version. There is also expected to be an enhancement in the sensors used for the 3D Touch technology used in the iPhone 7.

It is also implied that there will be an up gradation in the camera ,which is to include a bigger sensor, in the iPhone 7 ,however the dominant upgradation can be expected in the iPhone 7 Plus- which is said to have a dual-lens camera (one which will be a wide -angle lens while the other will be a telephoto lens),in addition to ‘light field camera applications’ and optical zoom feature.  Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus are said to feature 12MP camera sensors and both will feature  more refined and enhanced flash option(due to the four LEDS-two cool and two warm).

In addition to these various details, the report corroborates various prior suspicions ,for example the fact that both iPhone  7 s’ will have improved antenna bands on the rear of the phones, to enhance the 3D touch experience there will be a second grill on the outside ,which will house an additional sensor. An additional amplifier will be added on the inside of the phone  ,thereby resulting in better sound output. Reports confirm the incorporation of the Wireless Earpods and 3.5 mm adapter replacing the previous 3.5mm headphone jack.

Officials at the KGI securities also suggest that the iPhone models will have a waterproof rating ,similar to the Apple watches, of IPX7,allowing the phone to function underwater at a depth of 1meter for upto 30 minutes. Users can also expect an enhanced proximity sensor ,that will allow the phone better hand gesture detection and more hassle free feedback while using the Touch ID home button.

There will be an upgrade in the storage options available in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus -namely 32GB ,128GB and 256GB’s being the available standard options.

The report further states that there will be less production of the device due to the quality of the materials that have been used and strict quality control that the company undergoes. Proper confirmations of the reports can only be obtained during the 7th September event.

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