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Difference Between Finder Clean Up By & Arrange By On OS X Lion

You would like to keep your computer organized which means you would want to view your files and folders sorted by name. However, sometimes you would like to sort your folders by kind for a very small period of time and you would revert it back to by Name. Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system only remember the last sorting method you opted and only allow you to switch between different these types of sorting by manually.

When you check the same option in Mac OS X Lion you will notice that it gives you an option how you want your files arranged and it also remembers your selected arrangement. Not only that, it also allows you to change your sorting arrangement and view it for temporary basis. The next time when you check your files, you will find them sorted back to original method you selected. You must be confused about what we have just talked above, so in order to understand it properly you need to know the difference between an old and new Finder view in Mac OS X Lion.

Mac OS X Lion has brought a new way to arrange your files on temporary basis while viewing them in Finder. This new method is called Clean Up By and you will find this option in Finder View menu. If you go to view menu and then select Clean up by with sub-options: Name, Kind, Date Modified, Date Created, Size or Label. You will notice that your files are temporarily sorted according to your selection.

However, if you want to The sort the files on permanent basis  the you have to to choose Arrange By option from the View menu along with its sub-options: Name, Kind, Application, Date Last Opened, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created, Size, Label or None.

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