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Delete Unwanted Mac and iOS Apps in OS X Lion[How to Tutorial]

You must me wondering why there is a need of such tutorial when it is so easy to delete unwanted Mac and iOS Apps by just dragging and drop them into the Trash. This procedure does sent unwanted App to Trash but some of its related files  still left behind hidden in your Library. Therefore, if you we are going to guide you step by step on how to delete your unwanted Mac and iOS Apps completely from your hard drive.

1-   How to Delete Unwanted Mac OS X Lion Apps

If you are a Mac OS X user then you must be knowing that all all apps actually reside in Application Folder whereas the purpose of launchpad was only to let you navigate to the app manager. As soon as you download any new App from Mac store, you will be able to see it on your launchpad.

However, if you decided to delete all those Apps which are no more required then you must need to logged in as a administrator and proceed towards launchpad.  After entering into launchpad, click and hold an App icon until you see “x” at the upper left hand corner of the App icon, just like in iOS. Now click the “x” in order to delete it and then confirm to proceed.

In case you don’t find “x” then you don’t have to worry about it at all as it could either mean that you are not logged in as administrator or you have not downloaded this app from Mac store. So in order to get rid of such Apps just drag and drop them straight into the Trash.

Now you might be thinking that your App is completely removed from your OS X Lion. No actually you have to go to the library folder and perform following tasks in order to delete it entirely from your hard disk.

1-   Hold down Command + Shift + G from the Mac desktop and type in ~/Library.

2-  Now you need to find all those files that includes the name of the app you just sent to Trash. For example you can try following locations:

~/Library/Application Support

3-   If you find any file on above mentioned or any other locations with the name of your unwanted app then just send them straight way to Trash.


In case if you are not sure about any file then just leave them untouched because deleting a necessary file could seriously damage your system.

1-   How to Delete Unwanted iOS Apps

Deleting unwanted iOS Apps in iOS is rather less complicated as compared to Mac OS X. All you need to make sure that you have already synced and backed up your device with iTunes. If you have not done it yet then do it now before we proceed ahead.

1-   Launch iTunes and jump over to Apps section of your Library.

2-   Drag and drop your unwanted app icon from iTunes into Trash. As soon as you do it, a pop up window will appear on your system screen:

3-  If you have finally decided to get rid of this App then just choose to delete the files.

4-  If you want to make sure that it is entirely deleted from your iOS device then go to User/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications and look for any .ipa file with the same name which you have just deleted in previous step.

5-   Hopefully you won’t find any such files which hold the same name but  in case you do find any then just sent them into Trash.


Via [Mac|Life]

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