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Debut of Google’s Nexus 7 Advertisement Aired on YouTube

The first of the Google Nexus 7  Promotional Video Commercial was aired on You-Tube today,,following an overwhelming reception by customers and expected sky-high sales.

The Commercial named as “Nexus 7-Camping” portrays the idyllic family bonding experience between a father and his son’s,whereby this bonding experience is further enhanced by the presence of the Android Smartphone.

In the commercial it is seen that a bearded man(most likely the Father) and his son venture into the woods to enjoy this camping experience,enhanced by the addition of  Google Applications and a very strong WI-FI outdoor signal.This Commercial is very similar to the one released by Google for the Acer.

Following the “incredible demand” by the to-be owners of the Nexus 7,Google confirmed the statuses of orders approximately a week ago,and customers who had pre-ordered started receiving their eagerly awaited Nexus 7 since two weeks back.


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