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CyanoGenMod HP TouchPad Android Port gets WiFi, Android Market & Accelerometer Working [Video]

Cyanogen Team has updated the Android Port for HP TouchPad to support Wifi, Android Market and Accelerometer support which was missing the last Android Port Preview on which the benchmark were also previewed. Its gearing up gradually as after this preview MultiTouch support was added and now few more additions are done. Some of the updates whcih are included in this update are support for Wifi connectivity, basic audio support, limited support for Android Market due to non supported resolution, the accelerometer allowing you to rotate the screen to preview landscape/portrait modes, video games requiring motion sensors are also fixed.

Angry Birds has been demonstrated working which can only be installed using market application.

Although a mjor chunck of work has been done but still some fine tuning will take time. HP TouchPad Android 2.2.1 port appeared followed by installation of CynogenMod 7 on HP TouchPadAndroid 2.3.x Gingerbread And webOS Dual BootOverclocking HP Touch Pad to 1.9 Ghz andAndroid Port gets MultiTouch support was revealed. So there was lot of activity around for Android on HP TouchPad but sadly the TouchDroid team had decided to Quit working on HP TouchPad Android Port.

Sneak preview the Wifi, Android Market & Accelerometer Working,

However we are keeping our finger crossed for Cynogen Mod Release of HP TouchPad which will take some time until all the kinks are removed by the team before final release to general public.

Source Liliputing

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