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Convert Selected Text To Spoken Tracks On iTunes, OS X Lion

We have been covering all new features of OS X Lion since its launch. Recently we have covered a story on How to Tweet from Anywhere in Mac OS X Lion operating system. Today, we are going to brief about another much needed feature of OS X Lion.

The new Mac OS X Lion operating system now allows you to convert any text that you can drag select into a spoken track delivered right into iTunes. You can also sync it with your iTunes and make it a permanent part of your tracks list. This smart feature also lets you listen to what you might have been reading and then share it with friends and family.

Now you can follow our below mentioned example in which we are going to convert selected text and into spoken tracks.


1-   Just drag and select a paragraph or text string from anywhere as mentioned in above picture.

2-   Right click the selected text, go to “services” and then choose “add to iTunes as a Spoken Track”.

3-   Fill the required information regarding the text you was converting to a spoken track via this pop window in Lion.

4-   Choose Mac OS X System Voice which you want to use. Pres play to test the selected sounds. Give the spoken track a name and location where your audio file will be saved.

5-   Pressing Continue sends the track to iTunes and enjoy this smart feature of OS X Lion.

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