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Comparison between the new Google Allo to the Facebook messenger and Apple’s iMessage Apps

alloMost of us are familiar with the Facebook messenger and Apple iMessage , that have been improved and enhanced greatly over the previous months , now enabling for more multiplex messaging in addition to a variety of other services .

A new introduction in this area has been provided by Google ,in the form of a new app -Allo. This app is claimed by Google to incorporate the company’s renowned search expertise instantly into text conversations. This follows Facebook’s bid to various companies to design chat bots for the Facebook Messenger(allowing users various facilities such as booking vacations and shopping) and recently, Apple’s introduction of a whole store designated specifically for apps to be utilized in the Apple iMessage app.

All three apps are designed to provide similar services to users however they vary from each other .

The Allo App main distinctive features

google-allo-appThe most distinct feature that the Allo app features is the unification of the app with Google Assistant hich has the ability to reply to your questions in addition to providing the user with various options). This feature can be made use of by simply typing “@google” before your question in the type text area, for example if you are planning to eat at a restaurant providing a specific delicacy you would simply type “@google Show me restaurants providing sushi near me”. The Google Assistant can also provide previously used  hotel room numbers, set alarms ,search for various news in addition to a variety of other services. It should however be noted that the Google Assistant allows for better retrieval of information during texting without the need of shifting from one app to the other ,however for now it is not yet adept to more refined searches ,for example schedules of various pubic transport ,n for these it is better to opt for either a browser or a specific search app, and unlike it’s conterparts Allo still does not provide third-party apps ,so if you want to search for movie timings or restaurants you can do so but you cannot buy tickets for the movie or book a table at a restaurant using Allo, however Google is thinking of providing this option to users in the near future.

Much like the Secret Conversation feature in the Facebook Messenger App,during a more private conversation Allo provides an Incognito Mode , that provides the chats to be hidden at both ends,in addition to allowing messages to vanish after a specific time period. There has been much criticism over the fact that  Apple is known to provide this feature by default , in the iMessage and the Allo app will save all your previous conversations history despite the fact that Google said that it would not save the conversation history while releasing the app, as reported by many websites.

A new feature to the Allo app provides the user with complete replies to received texts ,differentiating the Allo app from iMessage and Facebook Messenger in that both just provide suggestion words and not complete replies to messages. An example is if you receive a picture of a place a friend was vacationing at the Allo app will provide a suggestion for a reply such as “what a beautiful place”. Allo also provides users with various expressions and stickers , however there are approximately 25 sticker packs that you can use, which is minimal compared to Facebook Messengers 6000 sticker collections and the huge branded variety provided by Apple iMessage (which are available from the App Store).

The Allo App is specifically designed for mobiles, hence being available only for iOS and Android users , therefore it cannot be used while conversing or getting updated on notifications using computers or laptops.

Apple iMessage App main distinctive features

imessage-appIn comparison , the latest iMessage app ,updated with iOS 10 , has introduced a wide range of apps available from the Apple App Store specifically designed for the Apple iMessage App. these include the OpenTable app that allows users to interact with friends and choose a specific restaurant to for example eat at , or the Weather Channel app allowing you to check the weather forecast within iMessage without having to shift to another app. In addition to this iMessage differentiates itself by not targeting the “conversational interface”, allowing users to use the apps in iMessage like they would normally use those apps without the need of the automatic bot or virtual assistant, the app can therefore type be accessed simply in the type text field or in full screen mode.

iMessage also has the option of allowing users to send a text with a full screen animation , in addition to images that can be deciphered or text that is blurred which when received by the recipient can be deciphered by simply swiping the content. Text bubbles can also be enhanced or shrunk ,in addition to the reaction feature that is similar to the one provided for posts on Facebook, this can be done by simply tapping on the particular item within the message that you would like to react to. Using the iPhone Keyboard users can now access a variety of images and animated GIFs. However the iMessage is only available for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPads and Mac laptops.

The Facebook Messenger main distinctive features

facebook-messengerThe main feature of the Facebook messenger differentiating it from the others is the Bots,of which there are more than 30 000 bots available within the messenger.Each is designed for a defined task and each provides a different experience for the user. However each bot is mostly in control of it’s designer therefore users can expect a better response from some in comparison to others, unlike the Google Assistant which is totally in Google’s control. Facebook also provides the option for third party apps to be incorporated into the app , for example if you would like to call for an Uber you can do so while conversing using the Messenger.A few of the app options are available from the tool bar which can be found on top of the type text area of the Facebook Messenger, meanwhile most of the apps can be found in the More option . Many incorporated app options are available such as various games, image apps and different quizzes. In addition to these features you can also begin live video chatting during a conversation , and insert various polls while group chatting.

The Facebook Messenger can be used in both Android and iOS devices in addition to laptops and  other computers .


It should be noted that each app will cater to users different needs and most people will opt for the messenger that most of their contacts will be using or is already by default programmed into their device, hence giving the iMessage and Facebook Messenger apps a great advantage over the Allo app.





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