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CMC Compiler Allows You to Cook Your Own Customized CyanogenMod ROM [Do it Now]

One of the best advantage of having a smartphone running an open source firmware such as Android is you get the opportunity to modify it as per your own desires and then flash it again back into smartphone. Not only that you also get the option to flash a customized ROM tailored by other developers.

What if we tell you to tailor Android ROM created by other developers. Yes it is possible now, thanks to lithid-cm, folks over XDA developers forum created a CyanogenMod Compiler or “CMC” which allows you to customize CyanogenMod ROM by yourself. Compiler currently provides following list of features.

  • Check for repo installation on startup / or create a repo
  • Add and remove devices quickly and easily.
  • Remove all non english languages.
  • Remove live wallpapers
  • Remove cm wallpapers
  • Check if adb is running or not.
  • Update the repo
  • Compile cyanogenmod
  • Built in color themes. > http://goo.gl/cED8t
  • Plugin support. (More information on this to come)
  • local config file for saving settings or manually editing them.
  • Odex plugin built into the package. This will take your connected cyanogemod installed phone and odex the rom on the phone.

Features to Come

  • Check for installed tools and tell you which are still needed
  • Installer/Remover
  • Updated information about CMC and plugin support.
  • Pure AOSP via plugin
  • Adb installer
  • Better error checking support.
  • Check for errors during compile and point to places to fix.
  • Edit the name of your kanged rom!
  • I will also take requests!

Known Issues

  • There is nothing under the menu option 99. This is a placeholder for information about me and the compiler. If you select it it will just exit you out of the script.
  • There is no checking for installed software. You will need to install the needed packages on your own to compile. Check post 2 for needed software.
  • I have only tested this with ubuntu 11.04.
  • Removing the CM wallpapers from the build only works with gingerbread for now. Everything else is working as expected for me.
  • I don’t check for open ports on your network, so there might be issues connecting to the repos and syncing. I have not built error checking for that.

For more information and queries, you can visit official thread of XDA developers forum.

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