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Cisco Connect Express for Android – Control Cisco/Linksys Router from Android Device

Network administrators these days might be wandering that they still have to stuck themselves with hefty servers or thin clients but smart phones could not be used for those network administration purposes but hey Cisco has brought solution for you in the shape of Cisco Connect Express for Android. The application brings management and monitoring of Cisco/Linksys routers right under tap of your Android smartphone and that too for Free. Now you sony have to keep yourself stuck to those network clients rather you can access all the network information on the move and keep yourself updated regarding current health of network.


Some of the major features provided by Cisco Connect Express application are,

  • Guest access – An easy way for visitors to get online. Give password-protected Internet access to visiting friends and family while keeping your own information private. No need to remember the guest password, it’s in the app. Simply email the password to your guest and they’ll be online in no time.
  • Add devices to your network – Quickly connect your computers, gaming consoles, tablets, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to your network. You can add them manually, or with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ if your device supports it.
  • Access Wi-Fi settings – Access your network name and password at anytime from anywhere in your home. If you need your password to add a device manually, quickly access it via your app.
  • Access router features – Keep your router up-to-date. Check for firmware updates and view details about your router, including model name and number, serial number, firmware version, and more. Plus, easily get a new WAN IP address or reboot your router.

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