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CineXPlayer 2.1.3 Updated – Watch Xvid 2D & 3D Movies on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Ever wanted to watch your PC/Mac Xvid Movies onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without coverting them into some other format then CineXPlayer is the solution. CineXPlayer allows you to play 2D as well as 3D videos in HD 720p Format without the need to convert them into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen format rather simply transferring the videos to your device. CineXPlayer supports seamless 3D HD playback, improved file management and avi, xvid, divx etc file formats.


Some of the features provided by CineXPlayer as per AppStore are,

  • Watch movies everywhere in 3D (requires additional in-app purchase) 2D->3D Watch your Xvid 2D movies in 3D
  • Integrated with Facebook to let users share thoughts and info on what they’re watching with friends and family easily.
  • Capable of running in almost every program.
  • Easy Management utilities to manage movie collections (perfect for cataloging the different episodes of TV series).
  • Intuitive, simple, and highly responsive User Interface.
  • Easy to use security option (requires additional in-app purchase)
  • Extra options are available for on-demand purchase/upgrade.
  • Supports HD playback (in 720p)
  • Quick forward and backward controls
  • Easy viewable overview of all playlists
  • New Navigation and search
  • Subtitle Support (.srt)
  • Swipe +/- 60 Seconds During the Movie
  • Moveable Subtitle (Touch’n’Drag) /Sizable by Pinch
You can view CineXPlayer 2.1.3 from Appstore links below,
  • CineXPlayer for iPhone & iPod touch Download
  • CineXPlayer for iPad Download

You can install CineXPlayer 2.1.3 by following the procedure here for trial but please buy it from Appstore links above for 1.99US$ if your like it.

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