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Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

File Transfers using bluetooth are one of the major setbacks that apple is still getting but thanks to the jailbreak community which have come up with Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer App for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer App integrates itself into the iOS 4 to provide you with seamless bluetooth file transfers.

You might be aware of iBluetooth Free application again from Jailbreak community but its development to iOS 4 was stopped due to which this Bluetooth File Transfer ability remained a bottleneck in iOS4. Alongwith iBluetooth you must also be knowing iBluenova which was also an iOS 3 application. Both these applications were not integrated into iOS rather separate applications were used to transfer files over bluetooth. Therefore iBluetooth team carried the work forward to develop Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing Application but this time with iOS integration and costing 9.99 $US.

But the procedure i will be telling below is purely for test purposes and if you like the application after test please buy it from Cydia.

Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer App for iPhone, iPad and iPod allows you to send and receive songs, videos, photos, contacts, ringtones, voice memos, docs, pdf etc right from native applications to any other bluetooth enabled device.

Whats needed

  • Jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Cydia installed [normally its already installed with Jailbreak]
  1. Open Cydia and goto Manage > Sources
  2. Goto Edit > Add Source “sinfuliphonerepo.com”
  3. Now search for “Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing” and you will see two results one from Modmyi(blue one) and other from sinfuliphone(black one). Select the one from sinfuliphone repo and install.
  4. When you have installed, its a no configuration application. Goto Native applications and in share option you can see an option for “send using bluetooth”. In the images below you can see Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing in action,


  5.  Above procedure is for educational purposes, if you like this application buy it from Cydia.
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