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Windows Mobile 7

Sky News App for Windows Phone Released

skynews App For Windows Phone

Greats news for those who are regular follower of sky news and holds a Windows Phone. Sky News have just launched a full featured Windows Phone app which which keep you up to date even when you are away from your Television Screen. The app features 6 “channels”: UK news, world news, sport, business, politics […] Read More

Pinch iMessenger HD thumb

Regular Koolmobile users must be aware of the fact that iOS 5 will bring iMessage platform which will be inter-platform Apple-Apple devices chat messaging client on the design of Blackberry Messenger. But world does not stop here there is a lot more than only Apple devices therefore Affle Pte Ltd have come up with cross-platform messaging solution which allows you […] Read More

HTCTitan HTCRadar thumb

If you are our regular reader you might have come across articles on next version of Microsoft Windows Phone OS i.e. Windows Phone Operating System 7.5 Mango. Recently HTC has launched 2 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phones HTC Titan and HTC Radar. HTC Titan Some of the major features of HTC Titan are, 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 4.7” […] Read More


Great news has come for Window Phone 7 users. WPCentral has reported that one of the famous company for navigation App called  NAVIGON soon going to release new GPS navigation App for Windows Phone 7 operating system. press release says: "NAVIGON’s premium navigation app soon will be available for Windows Phone 7 users. The app includes many signature features […] Read More

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has released an update for Windows Phone 7 connector, software which is used to sync your Windows Phone 7  files, photos, videos and music with mobile phones running the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The lest version 2.0 has launched new features along with fixes of bugs present in previous version 1.0. This is what […] Read More

WeatherLive v2.0 Released for Windows Phone 7


WeatherLive by Hyperise is one of the favorite Windows Phone 7 application due to its simplicity and seamless integration with Metro. Since the relaunch WaetherLive is one of the most selling application in the category. WeatherLive received a mojor overhaul in the version 2.0 release. In this post we will give you a sneak preview of the goodies of WeatherLive. […] Read More

Windows Phone 7 Mango 7720 RTM Leaked[How to Install]


We have recently covered a story about Window Phone 7 Mango Build 7712. Today, the final build of Mango has been accidently leaked to the public and now has been made available for download. So users can now flash their Window Phone 7 devices ranging from NoDo, 7661 or build 7712 up to 7720 although the latest version of the […] Read More


Right from the launch of Window Phone 7, hackers are busy in finding out more and more hacks and tweaks in order to make those things possible which are blocked or hidden by default in original firmware.  In this post we are going to show you the procedure through which you can turn your Window Phone7 into […] Read More

Groupme 3.0 Supports Windows Phone 7 Platform


Good news for Windows Phone 7 users that Group messaging service Groupme has been updated and now Windows Phone 7 is  also on the list of supported platforms, allowing Microsoft’s early adopters to join the conversation. In addition, version 3.0 also included support for “Questions,” which are envisioned to spark the conversation, help users plan […] Read More

Get gMaps v1.10 on Your Window Phone 7


Google Maps application is being actively used in almost all Mobile OS. In Window Phone 7, application which is quite popular and have been around for a while for Google Maps is called "gMaps". It is available in both gMaps (free) and gMaps Pro ($1.99) forms. The developers have just released its new version(gMaps 1.10) which […] Read More


Microsoft has recently released an build 7712 of Mango update for Window Phone 7 mobile operating system. Update normally comes out only for developers but we are going to guide you on how to install this update on any Windows Phone 7 smartphone without having to have a developers account. IMPORTANT THE PROCEDURE I AM […] Read More

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