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OS X Lion

In the past we had kept you posted about Apple release of its first update for OS X Lion users with a version called 10.7.2. Today, Apple has pushed another update for OS X Lion 10.7.2 Beta (11C43) along with iCloud Beta 9 for OS X Lion and iPhoto 9.2 Beta 3 only for developers. This update […] Read more

Recently Apple released its first update for OS X Lion users with a version called 10.7.2. Today, Apple has pushed another update for OS X Lion 10.7.2(11C40) along with iCloud Beta 8 for OS X Lion and Safari 5.1.1 only for developers. This update has been released to remove bugs found in previous version, bring improvements […] Read more

OS X Lion 10.7.1 Update Is Available,[Download Now]

Apple has released the first update version 10.7.1 of  its newly launched(July 2011) operating system called OS X Lion. We have already been continuously discussing about new features and improvement that came with OS X Lion operating system. This is what Apple says about OS X Lion 10.7.1 update:  The 10.7.1 update is recommended for all users running […] Read more

Mac OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive Released By Apple

Finally wait is over, Apple has released Mac OS X Lion on a USB Thumb Drive which was announced a little while a go without mentioning any shipping date. Now you can buy a bootable USB thumb drive from the Apple’s online Store and later on it will also be available on physical stores all over the […] Read more

We have been covering all new features of OS X Lion since its launch. Recently we have covered a story on How to Tweet from Anywhere in Mac OS X Lion operating system. Today, we are going to brief about another much needed feature of OS X Lion. The new Mac OS X Lion operating system now allows […] Read more

If you are a Mac user then you must be already aware of the fact that Mac system doesn’t come with in build adobe Flash Player support just because Apple’s think that it is a  resource-hungry technology. Although it is quite irritating as it won’t let you watch flash player videos on YouTube but without it will […] Read more

Tweet From Anywhere In OS X Lion

We have been covering stories about taking iOS features and putting them into OS X Lion like AutoHide ScrollBar feature. Today, we are going to discuss about another iOS feature which has been now integreted in OS X Lion Operating system. This time OS X Lion has picked up the feature from iOS 5, an unreleased […] Read more

Tab for Google+ : Adds Google+ to Mac’s Menu Bar

If you have already been addicted to recently launched Google+ social network app and would like to integrate it in your Mac operating system Menu bar then Tab for Google+ app allows you to do so. It really makes your life much easier by allowing you to quickly access updates, latest comments, circle additions, hangouts, etc rather […] Read more

You would like to keep your computer organized which means you would want to view your files and folders sorted by name. However, sometimes you would like to sort your folders by kind for a very small period of time and you would revert it back to by Name. Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system […] Read more

How to Always Display Scroll Bars in Mac OS X Lion

Apple is taking great interest in copying iOS’ features and putting them to their latest Mac operating system OS X Lion. One of the feature which has been taken from iOS is the ability to auto hide scrollbars in apps such as Safari while you are not actually scrolling down/up. This features look good when […] Read more

You might have already noticed that most of the thing does work once you upgrade your Mac system to OS X Lion except one small bug and that is sound. You may not be able to get sound output through HDMI when using my Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. It actually means if you try […] Read more

Recently we have covered a story about release of OS X Lion with iCloud Beta 6 release by Apple. Things are coming too fast and now apple has release new seed of OS X Lion 10.7.2 and a new beta of iCloud for Mac users. These new updates are released exclusively for Developers and can bedownloaded from the Apple Developer […] Read more


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