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iPod Cydia Applications

If you are a music fan you must have noticed that jiggling with songs is a bit inconvenient in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as you have to enter Multitasking Menu by Double tapping the Home button and on sliding right you can see Song Shuffle Menu as shown below, But reaching this menu is quite a cumbersome excersie […] Read more

Share Cydia Apps and Tweaks Links[How to Tutorial]

You must have thought of sharing Cydia Apps and Tweaks with your friends but unable to find out the exact link which will be required to send to your friends. Actually, Cydia doesn’t have any Tell a Friend option like App Store has. However, there has been a way which allows you to quickly share links […] Read more

Apple notification system is in debate since its inception at the time of Appstore launch but over past few years this notification system needs major redesigning which is on the way in iOS 5. Apple shows updates in the form of numbers on the top of Springboard icons e.g. if there are 29 updates in […] Read more

If you are among the ones who need separate GPS application to see your velocity while on the move than “Speed for Maps” will be a nice little Cydia Jailbreak tweak for you. We have already covered some of the best Must have Cydia tweaks in our earlier posts. Cydia tweaks add the last end missing components into the stock applications as in […] Read more

No matter how impressing your Operating System is we are always curious of trying different things which are not not supported on our device. People are trying to use Android on iPhone, Linux on iPhone and now its turn to have Windows 7 on iPhone/iPod Touch. If you obsessed with Windows 7 running on your friends HTC […] Read more

EasyFindOnPage Makes Your Search Convenient

If you are a frequent user of  Find in this page , or search page function and you prefer to use it more often because it quickly searches a word or phrase within a web page without having to scroll the entire page. Apple implemented this function in with release of iOS 4 about year ago. In order to make […] Read more

Top Dreamboard Themes for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

If you want your iPhone to look just more than icons placed on your Home Screen then its time to switch overto Dreamboard, an advanced theming platform which takes control of your Winterboard as soon as it is activated. It uses your Home Screen space quite efficiently by placing anything from widgets to Apps anywhere you want to. If you want […] Read more

File Transfers using bluetooth are one of the major setbacks that apple is still getting but thanks to the jailbreak community which have come up with Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer App for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer App integrates itself into the iOS 4 to provide you with seamless bluetooth file transfers. You might be aware of […] Read more


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