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iPod Appstore Applications

Jailbreak provides you with tweaks and apps that Apple does not support for example Bluetooth file transfer application but Installous is the real threat to Apple as it provides you all the paid Appstore Applications for free trial. By trial it means you have to show courtesy for purchase otherwise applications will keep on working with full functionality forever. Installous 4 […] Read more

Google+ App Now Available for iPad, iPod touch

Google has released a new version of Google+ App with small update for iOS. The new update fixes a number of annoyances and bugs along with few new settings.  It also brings iPad, iPod Touch support for the very first time as it was not available in its previous version. Moreover, Google has combined your notifications […] Read more

The FBI Releases The Child ID iPhone App

FBI has its first iPhone app called FBI Child ID which provides a convenient place to store electronic pictures and important information about your child so that it can be used in case your child goes missing. One can call it as a digital passport which contains all information about your children. Not only you can store […] Read more

GLMPS changes the Photo sharing using few seconds Prerecording

GLMPS (pronounced as Glimpse) is one of the photo sharing social website same as the popular Instagram. GLMPS have changed the photo sharing paradigm by simple idea of saving moments ago before taking the snaps as well onto the actual snap given more context to the picture. The GLMPS Application utilizes iOS feature to record the videos […] Read more

If you are an iPhone user and you are facing problem with duplicate contacts in iPhone then Alittera has come up with an application called “Duplicate Remover and Merger Pro” which enables you to remove and merge all your duplicate contacts. Duplicate Remover and Merger PRO will remove and merge duplicate contacts in just one tap. Even […] Read more

Bandito is a music application for iOS to provide you with latest news and releases according to songs already stored in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch library. Bandito sensible searches for Bands, Genre and Music you have stored in your library and using the same as reference searches for similar contents over the internet. When the application is installed for the first time it […] Read more

If you are an iPhone user you know its a precious piece of electronics and Apple knows your concern therfor they have come up with Find you iPhone service which can help you locate pin point location of your iPhone as well as lock, wipe or display your message on your iPhone. Till last year this service use to […] Read more

Find my Mac launched after success of Find my iPhone for iCloud.com

Recently we have talked about iCloud web access and iCloud services which have gained a nice support by Apple community. And now we have another major upgradation in iCloud services that you can fird your lost Macbook Air or Mac desktop using Find my Mac service. Find my Mac service is integrated in iCloud and works on same architecture already used for […] Read more

Recently we have reported that Apple has introduced Cloud TV and now their web interface has been put to life by launch of iCloud.com. And yet another addition is iCloud compatible iPhoto for Mac and iWorks for iOS are launched. iWorks for iOS is an apple productivity office suite which encompasses Pages, numbers and keynotes same as Microsoft office provides Word, […] Read more

An update for Amazon’s Kindle App has been pushed yesterday in order to comply with Apple’s latest in-app purchase terms and secure its place in the App Store. Moreover, it has been observed that now it supports magazine and newspaper subscriptions iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can now browse, purchase, and read from more than 100 […] Read more

The month of Ramadan is approaching and preparations are on the way to celebrate this month with great zeal and enthusiasm. I take this opportunity to introduce you with few must have Islamic Applications, iQuran iQuran by GuidedWays Technology is by far the best application for Quran which gives you Uthmani Font alongwith Verse by verse translation […] Read more

How to Install Google+ App on iPad And iPod Touch

Recently Apple has officially launched Google+ Application for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G users  running iOS 4.0 but initially was not supported on iPad and iPod devices. Thanks, iPod Touch and iPad users didn’t have to wait much as a workaround has been found to install Google+ application on iPad and iPad devices. Now i am going to […] Read more


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