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iPod Appstore Applications

Sports Fans all over the world who want to get full coverage of all the sports events covering Football, SportCaster App by By OneLouder provides you live coverage of the match, including live commentary, stats and highlights.It provides sports ticker with schedules, standings, box scores, and twitter however the individual player profiles are still missing. For all […] Read more

If you are fond of reading electronic books and have tried or using  iOS native iBook then people at Feedtailor Inc have come up with another extraordinary application called Book+ which provides same utility as iBook to allow reading eBooks as well as Books in PDF Format however it provides you tons of additional features will are […] Read more

Apple developers are committed to providing applications for all fields of life so now there is an application for Dentists which provides a guide for treating weary users. We are talking about Dental Phobia Application which provides an educational resource for the dentists to learn about treating the dental phobic people including all the ins and outs of dealing […] Read more

Recently we have seen a trend of adding Free Video calls on Skype then Facebook and now IM+ is about to announce its Free Video calls. With the already mature feature set of IM+ now the addition of video support on new application by ShapeServices will be a plus. This announcement has come from no other than ShapeServices […] Read more

Ever wanted to watch your PC/Mac Xvid Movies onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without coverting them into some other format then CineXPlayer is the solution. CineXPlayer allows you to play 2D as well as 3D videos in HD 720p Format without the need to convert them into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen […] Read more

Famous online music streaming service Spotify has released its embedded player for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch named Libspotify9 and has made it available to the developers for integration into their music steaming applications. This component will allow the developers to incorporate third party music content on non-commercial basis using the spotify embedded music player. However for commercial use special licence has to […] Read more

MoboTap’s Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular browser for Android which supports gestures has now landed to Apple family. Dolphin Browser is the first iOS browser to support gestures input thereby you can browse you favorite web pages by simply drawing the gestures on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen. Dolphin Browser provides Google Chrome like interface supporting tabbed browsing and integration of […] Read more

Remember making a small little cartoon Flipbooks on corner of the pages during childhood and by turning the pages you would make them come to life. Even if you were not amoungst the ones who have created Flipbooks you are still not our of luck as Netcetera AG brings you Free Flipbooks Application. Flipbooks allows you to add any […] Read more

If you are planning to visit Spain or you are Spanish and planning to visit an English speaking country then Word Lens we prove to be quite helpful for your journey. Word Lens translates between Spanish to English and vice versa by simply using the Built-in camera of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Word Lens automatically recongnizes the Spanish and English […] Read more

If you a Tennis fan then you must be knowing that US open Tennis Championship is kicking off from 29 Aug 2011. This time its not going to be difficult to keep up with all of the happenings of the event because the US Tennis Association has to offer the Official US Open Tennis Championship 2011 App for the […] Read more

Great news to those iOS users who have been waiting for Adobe PDF creation tool for long time. Today, Adobe has released a PDF creation app called “CreatePDF” for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.   This is what Adobe says about CreatePDF App: Adobe CreatePDF brings the same high-quality PDF creation as Adobe Acrobat to your […] Read more

Travel is fun only when you are hassle free and out of all the worries of arranging and organizing your trip a head. In routine travelling organization will be bombarding you with bulk of emails sorting which is quite cumbersome activity therefore if your an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user you are lucky to have a Free AppStore […] Read more


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