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Wireless ‘AirPods’ are finally here

The much anticipated wireless ‘Airpods’  have finally been released ,by Apple ,during the 7th September event. The Airpods will be available with a rechargeable battery case that allows for a battery life of upto 24 hours , in addition to 5 hours of music playback . An additional Lightning cable will also be provided  for […] Read more

The much anticipated 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus are finally here, they were announced at the press conference ‘See You on the 7Th’ Apple event that was held a few hours ago , in San Francisco. Main features of both phones Both iPhones have a 64 bit Quad-core A10 Fusion […] Read more

Apple With Apple’s most talked about event of the year, the 7th September launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus about to start in a few hours , there has been much hype created prior to the event ,with numerous discussions on many social media platforms pertaining to the features and specs of the […] Read more

Latest iOS 10 Jailbreak Video Demonstration

Luca Tedesco (an Italian Developer and researcher) has just released a video  ,which can be found on Twitter , that demonstrates the technique of  iOS Jailbreaking specifically for 64-bit smartphones. This video comes just hours prior to the long awaited 7 September event ,in which Apple is to announce it’s latest flagship phone ,the iPhone […] Read more

The Most Popular Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps available

Following the overwhelming response received by the Pokémon Go App ,here is a list of the most popular Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps that users can download from the net. If you are a very enthusiastic Pokémon Go user,you will be very familiar with the IV (Individual Value),Individual CP(Combat Power) indices,in addition to statistics related […] Read more

Procedure on how to add the latest effects to your iOS 10 iMessages.

Appealing to the new generation ,the latest iOS 10 Messages Application has many new and interesting features that are make the process of iMessaging a lot more appealing to users. Firstly iOS has created two main ‘effects’ options that are available-namely a more prominent full “screen” range of effects and the less profound “bubble” range […] Read more

Disclosed iPhone 7 Features and Specs prior to September 7 event

Over the last few months there has been an immense hype created over the release of the iPhone 7 ,which is to be launched at Apple’s 7th September event . According to reports released by KGI Securities , the disclosed reports establish various details that have already been discussed about of many social media platforms ,in addition to […] Read more

Hints on iPhone 8 to come with curved display

In collaboration with Apple’s 10th Anniversary next year,there has been much speculation over the new iPhone 8 which is expected to be released next year, with major expectations from consumers over the redesigning of the new phone. Latest reports hint to the fact that the iPhone 8 will  be featuring a curved OLED screen very […] Read more

“Glossy Black” said to be iPhone 7 fifth Colour

Many speculations over the September 7 Apple event,said to be dedicated to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus release ,has caused many analysts to give their expectations to be heard prior to the confirmed event. Previously various leaks ,including a few visual ones ,have suggested that Apple will be giving it’s customers a new range […] Read more

Official Appearance of Apple Airpods, Apple Watch & iPhone 7

According to latest reports on Apple’s 7 September event ,in which Apple is expected to announce the much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ,the possibility of Apple announcing Airpods and the new Apple watches is also expected at the same event. Recently ,the Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) is said to have issued certificates […] Read more

If you are already familiar with Facebook Live and Periscope feature, giving opportunity to the streamers to view live comments from viewers then YouTube users won’t have to wait long for this feature.  Thursday, during its VidCon keynote address, YouTube has announced that its application is going to be updated soon which will add brand new live streaming option which will let users to easily […] Read more

Having 900 million users communicate with other in a month, Messenger app still failed to recognize itself independent from it’s main Facebook app. However, it seems like things are going to be changed very soon. New Facebook Messenger update is bringing tons of new features which includes  new Home, favorites and birthday reminder tabs which may minimize it dependency on […] Read more

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