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The Most Popular Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps available

Following the overwhelming response received by the Pokémon Go App ,here is a list of the most popular Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps that users can download from the net. If you are a very enthusiastic Pokémon Go user,you will be very familiar with the IV (Individual Value),Individual CP(Combat Power) indices,in addition to statistics related […] Read more

One of the most successful game title for iPhone 4 gaming was InfinityBlade RPG Sword fighting game and during Apple Lets talk event earlier this fall it was Tim Crook who gave Apple’s new A5 processor as choice for the next version of InfinityBlade in order to utilize the Dual Core capabilities of the new chip. […] Read more

Minecraft, the most popular world building game which was initially released for Android has today been released for iOS devices. Minecraft allows you to build world around your self using different backpacks available to you including blocks, constructions material, graffiti and collectables to create parks, buildings and terrains. One of the major feature of the […] Read more

90’s was the time of Atari’s reign which continued with Asteroids Gunner as one of the most popular game title released therefore they have thought of releasing the title for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The legendary game gives you field to fight with asteroids and aliens all together for survival of you race. So all […] Read more

Couple of decades ago King of Fighters was the action game that every one knew what it came to 2D action gaming on Atari & Nintendo. Thanks to folks at SNK Playmore for developing King of Fighters for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to take you back in good old action days. King of fighters-i features stunning […] Read more

Recently PopCap have upgraded their AppStore top Title Game Plants vs Zombies which is an adventure game allowing you to vanish all Zombies heading towards (you) Plants. You are quipped with small arms, fruit launchers, grenades etc and all you have to do is to stop them entering the home using 49 plant weapons. Beware there are 29 different type of Zombies which are defensive against different […] Read more

For all the Adventure Game fans Halfbrick Studios have come up with an excellent fun title by the name of Jetpack Joyride. Keep in mind that Halfbrick Studios are the ones who launched the famous Fruit Ninja game which topped the AppStore listing for quite some time. Jetpack Joyride is built of similar touch and tap concept which makes you stick onto […] Read more

If you are one of the lucky owner of iPhone, iPad and Apple TV then you can enjoy playing iOS Games on Big Screen using Joypad Application provided the game you downloaded supports Joypad API. The Joypad API uses the power of AirPlay by which it streams the content to Apple TV over the air and extra controls are left for […] Read more

Infinity Blade is one of the iOS Art we would call as the Game is purely designed for Touch input rather than most of the titles converted to support touch. Infinity Blade is first person sword fighting game where you have to conquer the castle by passing through the fights on tough masters. Each bloodline make you more powerful to meet […] Read more

Angry Bird is one of the top most popular game at AppStore for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and one of the latest varients of Angry Birds  Seasons has been updated with full moon  with addition of 30 new levels and 8 hidden pieces of Mooncake. Angry Birds Seasons now altogether contains 145 levels of non-stop fun along […] Read more

MADDEN NFL 12 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Released

Electronic Arts Sports has releaed MADDEN NFL 12 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which is one of the most authentic game franchise with over 2,500 real NFL players. MADDEN NFL 12 is one of the best available football game for iDevices. MADDEN NFL 12 major features include, Feel the impact of every game-changing tackle with smoother, harder hitting collision effects. Go […] Read more

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed for iPhone and iPod

If you are a a game enthusiastic that you definitively would be knowing Need for Speed. More than a decade ago when the Need for Speed 2 appeared for PC it was a charm to play the game. Need for Speed Shift 2 is now available for iPhone and iPod. So burn the rubbers and make a top name […] Read more


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