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If you daily office routine makes you handle business cards then you can benefit from LinkedIn CardMunch, Business Card Reader Application which allows you to fetch details from Business cards and storing it into LinkedIn profile so that you can access the personal profile of the individuals. CardMunch Application was purchased by LinkedIn as the application was […] Read more

It was not long ago that Facebook launched its timeline feature during f8 conference for desktop and laptop users which was one of the featured update for Facebook. Now Facebook has decided to bring the feature to iOS devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application as reported by BusinessInsider. According to the report the feature […] Read more

I am sure you are already aware of Cydia SBSettings jailbreak App which was quite popular in  iOS 3 & iOS 4 but after the launch of iOS 5 now developers have integrated most of SBSettings features into iOS 5 Notification Center. For newbies SBSettings allows you to turn your apps on/off, Reboot/Poweroff your iPhone, Respring any many more. Applications will red color […] Read more

AT&T has just launched ‘AT&T Call International’ VoIP service which allows you to make international calls from your AT&T device using WiFi connection anywhere in the world. The call rates AT&T will offer using this Application will be comparatively much cheeper especially over the landlines. Customers will get the Bills to their credit cards linked with […] Read more

Apple Store Application for iOS which allows you to purchase Apple products including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Macbook has been updated with version 2.0. With this upgrade one of the major feature of EasyPay self checkout had been introduced which allows you to scan the bar code of the product you re interested in […] Read more

IntoNow for iPad has recently been launched by Yahoo which allows you to use iPad’s large screen to display related contents by using iPad’s microphone listening to the TV program or Movie you are watching. The magical application gathers information related to the TV program or movie from the internet and displays it onto the […] Read more

As you might already be aware that world population has reached 7 Billion mark so in the wake of the event National Geographic has come up with iPad iOS application named “7 Billion App for iPad”. The free application contains informational content including images, videos, maps and articles to spread the aware of rising population […] Read more

Gmail for iPhone and iPad Released – Download Now

Yesterday we reported you about possible release of Gmail App for iPhone and iPad devices. Just now Google has officially released Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad devices.      From Google : We’ve combined your favorite features from the Gmail mobile web app and iOS into one app so you can be more productive on the […] Read more

Apple iOS incorporates weather application of its own however there are number of other weather forecast providers but Aelios Weather stands out of them due to its unique crafted interface supporting location based interface. In the recent update Aelios Weather has updated the configurational support for multiple forecast service provider including AccuWeather.com. The application opens […] Read more

Bloomberg TV+ for iPad Launched[Download Now]

We have been reporting you about various iPad application such as Direct TV, Netflix, LOVEFILM which allows you to watch favorite Sports, Movies, Trailers or Drama channels whereas some also enables you to enforce parental controls in order to block the channels which you don’t want your children to watch. Now Bloomberg who has recently released it’s Radio […] Read more

DirectTV App for iPad has recently been upgraded to support additional functionality of Live TV Streaming, Parental Controls and Recording options. Now you can not only view your favorite Sports, Movies or Drama channels but also you can set parental controls to block the channels which you don’t want your children to view. DirectTV App […] Read more

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platform for all of us therefore Apple has integrated twitter into the iOS 5 but still the functionality is not seamlessly integrated therefore InstaTweet comes a saviour allowing you to tweet from almost anywhere. Although there are lots of Twitter applications present out there with some of the […] Read more


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