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A recent Apple patent filing revealed that Apple is planning to create concept of shared work space by introducing Pico-Projectors in their next generation iPhone and iPad devices. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office a patenet application titled “Projected Display Shared Workspaces” has been filled on Thursday 11th Aug 2011. This application describes incorporation of Pico-projectors to create s shared work […] Read more

Huawei Vision visits FCC, Demo Video made public

Few days ago we reported that Chineese Telecom Manufacturer Huawei has announced their flagship Android Handset Huawei Vision. Now Huawei has submitted the device to FCC for approval and released a demonstration video of Huawei Vision Android Smartphone. Huawei has unveiled its high end Vision 2.3 Android with sleekest design more or less similar to Nexus S.  Huawei Vision is […] Read more

Bluelounge has come up with a brilliant idea of cable free charging dock that is directly connected to charger via your existing USB power adapter. The MiniDock connects directly with your Original Power Adapter and the iPhone or oPod sits over the MiniDock as shown in snap below. This allows you to free the space cluttered with […] Read more

Parrot’s AR.Drone is one of the best Quadricopter  available a t the moment but the price tag of 300 US$ is a little to high to spend on this little gadget therefore iHelicopter by MicroSIMCutter.com has come into action with almost same functionality and a fair enough price tag of 59US$. iHelicopter can be controlled using a free controller applications for iPhone, iPad […] Read more

Huawei Vision Unveiled – A Unibody 1 GHz Android 2.3 Smartphone

Hauwei is famous for its mid range Android phones as the company is highly subsidized by Government of China. Although there had been many talks about copyright infringements, patents etc but Huawei has turned up to be World number 2 in telecom industry by beating some of the industry leaders likes Nokia Siemens, Nortel etc and only […] Read more

NFC Payments from your iPhone4 – How to Tutorial

We had been listening of incorporation of NFC since iPhone 4 was luanched but Apple was not impressed to replease NFC with iPhone 4 and may be the next generation iPhone is equiped with this technology. However, people at Unplggd have come up with a small hardware tweak which allows you to embed NFC into you current […] Read more


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