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Android Market Applications

Google has recently updated its famous Free Maps & Navigation application Google Maps for Android to Google Maps 5.9 version while bringing major improvements in transit navigation supporting custom notifications for different cities as well as new labs features. Transit navigation support has also been extended to support Android tablets. Bubble Button is back which was pulled […] Read more

Check NFL Fantasy Football 2011 Updates On Your Android

Great news to those who madly follow NFL and also owns an android device because an official NFL Fantasy Football App has been released and waiting for you in Android market to get it installed on your Android device. Fantasy football is the best way to add artificial excitement to all of those games around the league that you normally […] Read more

If you are annoyed of Android pattern lock feature and looking for something which makes it disable at least when you are at home or at some safe place then an application called “Unlock with Wi-Fi” is available which can do this for you. It will automatically disable your android pattern lock it if you are at […] Read more

If you are a frequent user of Facebook messaging service on your iPhone and so far you have found it difficult to use then you might want to try a new standalone Facebook Messenger App officially released for iOS and Android. Previously, Facebook Messaging service was considered only a small part of whole Facebook application. However, […] Read more

UK Vodafone has launched an app called “My Vodafone” for Android users. This application allows you to keep track of your mobile account without even going to Vodafone customer care center. Moreover, it also enables you to search and locate nearest Wifi Hotspot. My Vodafone app can also tell you in detail about your current usage of […] Read more

Android App Helps Extract the Hacker in You

A security firm developer Mr Defcon has given a demonstration on an Android application called Android Network Toolkit. This application let users to exploit unprotected devices on security-free WiFi networks. People using this tool will be able to find exploits in their network and patch them immediately. This will over ensure the better security of the network and it […] Read more

If you have lost your Android Phone and neither you know how to trace it back nor you have installed any software for tracing you phone before losing it or getting it stolen. No problem we will tell you the procedure below to trace your device back. Visit Android market and login with your credentials, now search for Prey Anti Theft Application […] Read more

Google+ For Android Updated

Recently we have informed you through our post about he launch of Google+ on Android OS. We gave you a short brief about all features included in App. Google has release the first update of Google+ App for Android users. It has been updated to version 1.0.5 with a pile of usability fixes that you’re going to […] Read more

Have you ever through of turning mobile phone camera as webcam. if not then we are going to make this happen for you, all you need as an Android handset. Some of the best apps which into this business are IP Webcam(Android 2.2+), AndIPCam and DroidCam(2.1+). However, almost every app that turns your phone into a webcam […] Read more

The greatest advantage that Android gives over other Mobile OS is the way it allow users to customized their Phones. However, Expert also agrees that functionality of testing different ROMs on Android is unmatched unmatched as compared other Mobile OS available in the market. Experts who are always busy in testing different ROMs use an […] Read more

Capital One Mobile Banking App For Android[Released]

After so much wait, finally Capital One has released their Mobile Banking App for Android and have joined the rank of many financial institutions. This will allow their customers to check their balances, transfer balance or pay bills from the palms of their hands. Capital One customers with devices running Android 1.6-2.3 (no tablet support yet) […] Read more

HTC has recently announced its new Sense UI 3.0 for their devices. They have also announced that this new interface will be available only on new devices. However, if are running Android and your device doesn’t support Sense UI 3.0 can also get its experience by installing a free application which stimulates the new interface lockscreen better than in supported devices. SOLA Team who has already developed […] Read more


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