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Android Market Applications

If you are Android user then you must be already using Superuser in order to Grant and manage Superuser rights for your Android phone. It is the most popular and recommended app to “hook into your phone’s power,“. Just know Superuser App has been updated to Version 3.0 which is actually a complete revamp in terms of design and […] Read more

If you are an Android have ever wondered to customize or swap your Apps icons and make most used one’s appear first quite similar to iOS which has got a native feature to customize or rearrange their springboard icons at anytime. Android users should be feeling great after hearing that an application called Go Launcher […] Read more

Recent changes in Apple subscription rules according to which 30% for the revenue generated from the Application has to be given to Apple had many effectees including the Financial Times who had to pull their iOS application from AppStore. Also it had been reported that Financial Times is looking forward on its own HTML 5 web app through which the company intends to sell its […] Read more

VLC Open-Source Media Player For Android, Download Now

Windows and Mac Users have already heard about VLC open-source Media player which is quite popular for running almost all types of audio and video formats. Great news to Android users because VLC Media Player has now made its way to Android devices. We all are very greatfull to CVPCS who made it possible to compile a […] Read more

Some of the Skype users have reported that they have started receiving the emails about the latest GroupMe service recently acquired by Skype for $85 Million. GroupMe service is the newest member of Skype family and it provides group chat feature which makes multiparty chat easy as a single click. Skype services are avaible for almost all desktop and mobile variants including Apple […] Read more

Android Market place has tons n tons of Application, Games and Utilities but nobody can deny the third party Application Stores do not help contributing in the development of new software. Rather third party Application Stores need to innovate new stuff in order to attract customers however Amazon is not a new name rather its handling the retail and eCommerce business for approximately one […] Read more

SMS to Text for Android – Backup Your SMS Messages as Text File

Lots of SMS in Messages application may clutter up the information and take space therefore if you want a clean Message Folder you might consider using SMS to Text for Android which allows you to backup all your messages and stores them as text file on your SD card. SMS to Text for Android also allows you to […] Read more

Download Android Market v3.1.5 Update

Recently Android got a complete revamped both in looks and features. Last update brought couple of new features which includes addition of +1 button and  PIN lock the market. +1 button will allows you to share your favorite applications with your Google+ circles in much easier way. PIN Lock feature will is a security feature which that allows you to PIN lock the market. It means […] Read more

Google has finally allowed the free Google+ signup for general public by closing the invitation based signup. In addition Google has completely revamped the Google+ Mobile Application for Android and has renamed Huddle to Messenger support like Blackberry messenger is added with image sharing options. Also the group video chat feature of Google+ named hangout support has been added to […] Read more

Now you can play your favorite MSX games using Advanced MSX emulator with support for the original hardware up to the TurboR for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. Now you can play MSX roms on your iDevices and Androids using MSX emu. Previously we had reviewed GBA Emulator which allowed you to play Gameboy Advance Games on […] Read more

One of the most popular web browser for Android phones Opera has been updated to version 11.1. The main purpose of releasing this update is to bring new features such as Honeycomb support and to fix security loop holes which were present in previous version. Moreover, some rather random crashes and stability issues which were experienced by the […] Read more

Recently iOS users have received an update for facebook App for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Today, Android users have also received an update for Facebook App. The new version has been called Facebook v 1.7 . The new version has brought several new features and bug fixes which many users have been waiting since long time.    One […] Read more


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