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Android Market Applications

If you are new to it then Google Voice is an internet based service launched back in 11 March 2009 which allows you to  set one phone number and distribute it to multiple phones. It means, you don’t have to change your Telephone (contact) number even if you  switch jobs. Not only this, you can also block phone numbers, screen phone […] Read more

It has been a long time since we are listening that Google is planning to release the iTunes competitor for online music store and finally the day has come that Google has released the Google Music Store. The official announcement came during “These Go to Eleven” music media event according to which the Google Music […] Read more

YouTube is one of the most popular Video and Audio Content sharing website therefore YouTube Application has been incorporated not only in Android devices but also iOS and Windows Phone devices. Today, Google has released a new version of YouTube for Android devices. The new version 2.3.4 has not brought any major change in User Interface (UI) but few other […] Read more

Previous update of Google Maps for Android brought an option to see places you’ve rated 4 and 5 stars right on the map view. Moreover, an option was also made available to give reviews and attached pictures with the text which later on included in the gallery of shots stored for each listing. Now in the […] Read more

AT&T has just launched ‘AT&T Call International’ VoIP service which allows you to make international calls from your AT&T device using WiFi connection anywhere in the world. The call rates AT&T will offer using this Application will be comparatively much cheeper especially over the landlines. Customers will get the Bills to their credit cards linked with […] Read more

Network administrators these days might be wandering that they still have to stuck themselves with hefty servers or thin clients but smart phones could not be used for those network administration purposes but hey Cisco has brought solution for you in the shape of Cisco Connect Express for Android. The application brings management and monitoring of […] Read more

PhotoBooth For Android – Create and Share Photostrips

Create fascinating Photostrips from your camera albums right onto your Android Smartphone and share them onto social networks. PhotoBooth is a bit different from other Photo editing applications as it can collect three images from gallery and merge them together in predefined order to make a photostrip. Finally all the there images are saved in […] Read more

Speed Up Android Market and Web Browsing Using Set DNS

If you are using one of the the new versions Android market 3.X app which has been recently updated to Version 3.3.11 then you might have noticed that it takes quite a bit of time get loaded when your connected over WiFi network. You would also surprise to know that it takes less time to get […] Read more

Google+ for Android Updated – Adds Home Screen Widget

Few days ago we have reported that Google+ has been updated and today we witness another update which shows the concern Google has to make its social networking application stand at par with Facebook. With this update Google+ Widget returns which allows you to share your thought and make posts directly from homescreen without the need to […] Read more

If you are a game enthusiastic and owns an Android device then this could be the most awaited news for you. It was all started about a decade ago when Need for Speed 2 was launched for PC and gained so much popularity within no time. It took a while but finally EA has just […] Read more

After the advent of Siri Voice Assistant in iPhone 4S on iOS 5, Apple has created an all new development horizon for Voice assisted application and since then we have seen lots of efforts being put in for development of such applications on iOS as well as Android. Sonalight is another great example of voice […] Read more

Using mobiles during driving is considered as dangerous business however now you can put your Android Smartphones to task while you drive by assisting you while driving. iOnRoad free application for Android allows you to assist your driving not by navigational means but by telling you when you go too close to vehicle going in […] Read more


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