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There have been various alarming reports in the news lately of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 s' exploding into flames  while the phone was charging, and Samsung having taken immediate action of recalling all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that have been shipped and halting of sales of the devices until a resolution is reached pertaining to […] Read More

Features and Specs pertaining to the LG V20

LG V20

Following in the footsteps of it's very impressive predecessor ,the LG V10,which was released last year, LG has released a new phone this year , the LG V20, which is expected to be an even better smartphone than it's previous version. The company's flagship phone has some very exciting features for the eagerly awaiting public. […] Read More

Mi Box to be released as early as Q4 2016 and at minimal $100.

mi box

The wait is finally over, with Xiaomi is expected to introduce itself to the US market with the release of the Android set-top box , which will be the first mainstream product to be released by the company in the US. Xiaomi is already a prime seller of smartphones in more than 10 different countries worldwide […] Read More

Official Release of the Meizu M3 Max


Following the release of the Meizu PRO 5 last September ,Meizu's Flagship phablet ,and the very popular Meizu PRO 6 ,after much speculation  the company has today announced the release of the Meizu M3 Max ,the latest phone to enter into their range. The smartphoneUse was announced during a press conference held by the company ,in China […] Read More

samsung gear s3

Following in the footsteps of the Gear S2,which is considered one of the leading smartwatches to be developed , Samsung has now introduced the Samsung Gear S3,which is said to be even better than it's predecessor. There have been many reports on the many interesting features that users can expect to find in the Gear […] Read More

The Most Popular Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps available


Following the overwhelming response received by the Pokémon Go App ,here is a list of the most popular Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps that users can download from the net. If you are a very enthusiastic Pokémon Go user,you will be very familiar with the IV (Individual Value),Individual CP(Combat Power) indices,in addition to statistics related […] Read More

Procedure to get a Refund or Replacement on your Galaxy Note 7

recall of note 7

Over the last few days there have been many reports following the exploding of upto 35 Samsung Galaxy Note7s ,leading to the worldwide recall of all handsets that have already been shipped and cessation of sales of the handsets. With it's reputation at stake , further shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 have been ceased […] Read More

Samsung Note 7 recalled due to battery issue


Despite the warm welcome received by Samsung's Galaxy Note 7,as previously reported,certain complaints by various customers pertaining to  the exploding of the battery during the charging process ,has resulted in the recall of all Galaxy Note 7's that have already been shipped worldwide, ,following the initial cessation of shipments. Samsung has officially established that there have been […] Read More

ZTE’s Axon 7 Mini, Specs and Design

axon 7 mini

Following the highly popular Axon 7 ,ZTE has launched a mini version of the smartphone ,which has analogous aesthetics to it's bigger version ,however with somewhat decreased specs and at a more reasonable price -It is expected to be sold at 299 Euros ($330 US).It is still not confirmed about the actual date of release […] Read More


This Tuesday saw the release of the long awaited Amazfit- Xiaomi's first Smartwatch ,which the company has been working on with it's partner ,Huami. The smartwatch will be available in China as of Wednesday and the watch is saidn to be for CNY 799.Xiomi has collaborated with Alibaba thereby allowing consumers the option of mobile payment […] Read More

Samsung Gear S3,featured at the IFA 2016

samsung gear

At the IFA 2016 event ,Samsung devoted the event to show off it's smart watches with the introduction to the latest Samsung Gear S3.This latest smartwatch has been improved both in aesthetics and touch in comparison to an ordinary watch ,however it's technology is competitive with any smartphone. The technology is said to be running […] Read More

Suspension of Shipments of Galaxy Note 7 as a result of Exploding


It has been noted that Samsung has suspended shipment of Galaxy Note 7,just a few weeks after it's release, as a result of complaints by it's consumers that the smartphone has been exploding while it is charging. These reports have led the company to immediately seize the shipments. The Galaxy Note 7 has only been […] Read More

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