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Cable Free Charging for your iPhone and iPod – MiniDock by Bluelounge

Bluelounge has come up with a brilliant idea of cable free charging dock that is directly connected to charger via your existing USB power adapter. The MiniDock connects directly with your Original Power Adapter and the iPhone or oPod sits over the MiniDock as shown in snap below. This allows you to free the space cluttered with cables and can be utilized for some other purposes. These docks are available in 3 versions including US, Uk and EU depending on the power socket design.

iPhone or iPod sits on the MiniDock keeping a good distance between the socket using adjustable spacer. The charging is same as standard 10w USB power adapter. Spacers are avaiable so that you can adjust the distance between the Minidock and device as some of you might be using the bumpers or covers onto iPhone or iPod.


You can easily use MiniDock in any woek space kitchen, office, bedroom, hotel, garden etc as no snap on cables are required and the device is safely held with power socket rather than lying around. Moreover its easy for travelling as it can fit any small corner of you luggage.

MiniDock is avaialbe at the price of 19.95 UD$ for any version US, UK, and EU.

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