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Buy HP TouchPad 32GB for $150 under Palm Developers Program Official

Once again its HP Touchpad which was officially turned down and witnessed huge sales on subsidized rates of $99 for 16 GB version has appeared again. This time its under Developers Program that HP is offering the Touchpad 32 GB for $150. It has been expected that after new CEO took charge and reverted the turning down of PC Division that most of the decisions taken during last CEO will either be reverted or modified.

It is under the Plam developer program that HP is offering HP TouchPad 32 GB for $149.99 and according to the statement,

HP is pleased to announce the return of the Developer Device Purchase Program for the HP TouchPad for a limited time. Registered developers in the US, Canada, and Europe will be able to purchase up to two TouchPads at a discount while supplies last.

It is worth noting that this may be a sign that HP wants to reintroduce the device which was confirmed depleted in last sales however there is a chance that HP has kept some reserves for such usages. Although this time its for developers only but it might come once again so keep your fingers crossed.

Source Developer Device Program

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