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BlackBerry Messenger for Android is for real, makes first appearance

Yes Blackberry messenger for Android, its sounds a bit wicked but it’s happening. Folks at TechRadar had released snap showing an Android device running Blackberry messenger. Although the snaps a not very clear however Blackberry Icon is visible on the homescreen and the interface of Blackberry Messenger Profile is shown during the test version of the application. Moreover the Blackberry notifications are found working but rest of the features are not confirmed working.

Although Blackberry messenger is not such a big deal but the reliability offered by BBM within Blackberry devices is extraordinary and if the same is implemented across the board for Android and at later stages iOS then it will a big plus. This move is made in return of iOS 5 launch which will be coming with Apple iMessage support which is a real threat to other OS and Device manufacturers. iMessage by Apple is expected to bring a major technology paradigm shift which was seen at the time of initial blackberry launch when such services were only offered by Skype, MSN and Yahoo Messenger. Although we have seen Facebook jumping into the Messenger business as well as Google therefore healty competition is appreciated and welcomed bringing ease to consumers.

Source TechRadar

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