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BiteSMS 5.5 – Features Smileys, Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Privacy, Scheduled SMS, Passcode Lock, Delivery Reports, Signatures for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G Jailbreak Application

SMS we love you there are more than 142 Billion SMS sent per year only in China and for iPhone SMS application is lacking far behind in advanced features. iPhone iOS 4 SMS application is limited to Compose, Send , Received & Delivery reports however advanced features like Scheduled SMS, Privacy, Pass Code, Quick Compose Shortcuts & our most loved feature of Smileys are missing. Don’t worry if you have a Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G, BiteSMS Jailbreak Application is here to provide you these features and even more.

BiteSMS Features

Quick Reply

Imagine you’re browsing the Internet and an SMS comes in. With Quick Reply there’s no need to quit Safari, just reply straight away, or leave it and deal with it later from the Quick List.

Works in any app, not just Safari. The color of the Send button shows you how you’ll be sending it: pink via biteSMS and blue via Carrier. You can switch by holding down the Send button for a few seconds.

Quick Reply works in landscape too:

Ever wanted a quick look at previous messages? Easy!

Cool, shows up to 20 previous messages.

And, it works in the lock screen too!

On the lock screen, the pink biteSMS icon is added when a summary appears:

Quick Compose

Browsing the Internet and suddenly remember you need to send an SMS? Send one with Quick Compose without quitting the browser – press Volume Up, then tap in the middle. Easy!

For advanced users, biteSMS also supports libactivator (available from Cydia), so you can define your own hardware buttons & gestures to open Quick List.

Same as Quick Reply, works in any app, not just Safari. The color of the Send button shows you how you’ll be sending it: pink via biteSMS and blue via Carrier. You can switch by holding down the Send button for a few seconds.

Quick Compose also works in landscape:

And, Quick Compose also works in the lock screen!

Quick List

Quick List is an easy way to deal with unread SMS messages. When there are unread messages, an icon appears in the status bar. Tapping the icon brings up the Quick List. Or, advanced users can set up libactivator (available from Cydia) to configure hardware buttons and/or gestures to invoke Quick List.

Works in lock screen and landscape mode too!


Frustrated with only being able to choose one of the 8 built-in texting ringtones? No more – biteSMS lets you choose any ringtone against any contact.

And, on an iPhone 4, you can also configure the LED to flash!

Delivery Reports

Only available when sending via your carrier, delivery reports show the status of a sent message: pending, received, or failed.

Note: if your mobile carrier doesn’t support low-level delivery reports, like for example AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK, you can still configure the “old” method of delivery reports that uses prefixes.

Scheduled SMS

You can schedule SMS messages to be sent at a later date, either as a one-off, or repeatedly. You do that by composing an SMS normally, and then, instead of sending it, add scheduling via the menu:

For convenience, you can see all scheduled messages together in the settings, and edit them there too:

Passcode Lock

Protect your privacy from prying eyes using a dedicated SMS passcode. The passcode protects both biteSMS and the built-in Messaging application.

Coming soon: Passcode Lock in Quick Reply for even more privacy.

Contact Pics

Cool! Contact pictures!

Adding Smileys, Templates & Contacts

You can enter smileys, templates and contacts easily: just bring up the menu by double tapping/long holding in the text box, or hitting the “+” key on MMS enabled phones:

Smileys are rendered beautifully:

Also works in Quick Compose and Quick Reply:


You can set up a signature that automatically is appended to every message:


The privacy settings let you hide the sender identity or text of an incoming SMS, so people can’t see them at a glance.

You can customise to only hide the text if you wish, or, for full privacy, hide the preview and Quick Reply window altogether!

You can configure different privacy settings for lock and unlock modes.

So, you can customize your privacy settings to do pretty much exactly what you want!

Cancel Sending

Ever started to send a message and wished you could cancel it? Now you can in biteSMS! Simply configure a delay period of between 1 and 3 seconds, and then every time you send a message you’ll have the ability to cancel it during that period.

Also works when using Quick Compose and Quick Reply.

Retry on Failed

When you press “Send” you can now rely on the message actually getting sent, regardless of network state.

Failed Indicator

A red exclamation mark appears on the biteSMS icon if you have any messages that have failed to send in the last week:

If you have both failed and unread messages, the icon changes to:


This feature converts these special characters into their closest equivalent non-special character. For example, when turned on, the special character á is replaced by regular a.

This lets you send more text without paying more! Why? Because otherwise some special characters reduce the available characters in an SMS from 160 to only 70 characters.

Character & Credit Counter

The character and credit counter makes it very clear how many credits will be used and how many characters remain for the text being entered.

Typically each SMS message (and biteSMS credit) allows you to send 160 characters, unless you type a special character, switching the character set to Unicode, in which case you’ll only get 70 characters.

So let’s look at how the counter works. The counter appears once you’re on the second line of text:

Quick Reply and Quick Compose also have a character counter. It only kicks in when you’ve almost filled up a messsage:

Message Timestamp

To see the exact time a message was sent or received, simply long-hold or double tap the bubble:

Quick Forward a Message

To forward a message, just double tap/long hold on a conversation bubble to bring up the menu:

Proxy Support

A number of applications, for example TZones Proxy Hack (from Cydia), install mobile carrier specific proxy settings on your iPhone so you can surf the web, check emails, etc. These proxy settings are honored by biteSMS, so you can also send SMS texts via a proxy!

Control Auto-Correction

The built-in auto correction doesn’t work very well in some languages, for example in Swiss German, but it works great in other languages. So, on the biteSMS settings page you can turn auto correction on or off for each language keyboard independently.

Here it’s on for English, but off for German and Swedish.

Hide Keyboard

When typing text in an SMS message you can tap in the bubble area and the keyboard will slide away, letting you read the conversation more easily.

Save Money!

As well as all the great features above, there are some additional features to help save you money by using the biteSMS network to send messages (for example for texting to overseas).

Once you have bought credits, simply choose biteSMS as the SMS Network in the Settings page:

Also on the Settings page are options to automatically switch to and from the biteSMS network. This is convenient if you are on a plan that for example includes 100 SMS messages per month:

BiteSMS 5.5 is available for Jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for a price of 9.99 US$ however it can be installed from xSellize Repo using the procedure here for trial purposes but if you like the tweak please buy it from Cydia.

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