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Best Top 10 Hidden Siri commands

You might be enjoying Siri by using routine basic commands however there is a lot more hidden underneath Siri which you might have thought after watching Jonathan Sing for Siri.

Therefore we have thought to share some hidden commands like “Will you Marry Me”.

  • [Punctuation/symbols/emoticons]. Siri can understand many basic symbols, emoticons and punctuation marks, as long as you say them by the right name. Examples include “open parenthesis”, “close square bracket”, ” “frowney face” (love it!), “new paragraph”, “pound sign”, etc.
  • Play playlist . Siri will play not just a song, but a whole playlist for you.
  • Find all email by [contact]. Siri will give you a short list of emails from the contact you ask for.
  • What’s on my calendar for [date]. Siri will show you all your appointments for today, tomorrow, next Monday, or February 28 (2012) if you ask nicely.
  • Search [Bing/Yahoo]. If Google’s not your cup of tea, Siri will search the competition for you.
  • Search [Google/Bing/Yahoo] for [specialized information] [time] [place]. Whether you want the latest scores, show times, etc., if you phrase it just right, Siri can often find it for you.
  • **Who was in the cast of [movie]: Siri can tell you the name of that actor you know you’ve seen before but just can’t remember.
  • Delete all alarms: Siri will delete all alarms, not just individual ones, in case you never want to be woken up again! (I found this by accident on Rene’s phone. Shhhh!)
  • Message [Social network] [Status]. If you’ve set it up on Twitter, Facebook, or another social network that lets you update via SMS, Siri will message your status right to it.
  • Restart. Siri will re-spring the Springboard. It’s not a full reboot, but it’s faster.
Source TiPb
If you know some other Hidden commands you can let us know and we will add them into the list for other readers. Follow us on twitter and facebook to get updates on Apple, Android, Symbian, Gadgets & News.
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